Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 22 06

Ive just had such a bad few days. I'm tired and totally not myself, maybe it's the weather or feeling a little overwhelmed but whatever it is I am not having a great weekend.
Saturday was a muggy, rainy day. It was one of those sticky days that you are better to do very little or get wet.
It was laundry day so we did it.
The kid played and had a little swim in the pool in the morning, and I spent the morning finishing off a little Christmas Planner, and being at the Untamed Online Crop for the Grand Reopening of the site. This is a really good time to be thinking about Christmas cards, since November is a little too late. LOL. I meant to do some scrapping as well but have been a little uninspired. We all have to have a down time once in a while.
This is my desk where I spend most of my computer time. It needs tidying
In The afternoon Scott burnt some wormy branches and cleaned out HIS car LOL inspired by my cleaning of the van.
the kids were bored and played on the computer some, played in their room, and reconfirmed that PlayDoh is not only the most Favorite long lasting toy, but also the hardest to clean up.
They were tired after supper and ready for bed. They all climbed into their new Jammies made by Nanny and spent some time playing with dad.
I braided Annika's hair, the best the braids have managed to go in yet! Her hair is still Baby-Fine, but long enough for little braids.
AND Just before sleep they are cheery and a little hyper, making a really NICE photo OP

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