Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 11 06

Tuesday July 11
The Day arrived the day I have kinda been dreading because it puts a huge life decision into reality.We've said we are through with having babies since Before Annika. We are content with our 3 girls, and we dont want or need any more. BUT. Now the fact that our baby days are over has become a reality I'm very sad about. I don't know why, I guess because I wanted kids, and it's what I am doing right now, I dont think I ever really thought we were done having them, no matter what we said, I always thought somewhere in the back of my mind that we would have another one. And that it would be that little boy that I never got.
But Scott went yesterday and ended our baby making days. I wont freak you out with photos hahahahhaha but I was tempted! What scrapper wouldnt??

We sent Annika off to stay with her Nanny the night before, and it was funny when I get up in the morning I always go find the kids first, and since we got up earlier than usual yesterday I was a little groggier than usual and I couldn't find Annika. I check the couch where Scott was and he said She's in Her Bed. I check, No Annika. So I'm standing there thinking What The....oh wait. She's at her grandmothers! LOL DUH!
So we got ready and took Scott off to the hospital. had to be there 745 UGH what normal people are awake and out at 745?? ok maybe I am the late one. lol. So anyway we waited for about 1/2 hour, then I had to go take Taylor and Holly and their friends to vacation bible school,

and by the time I got back, Scott was sitting out front waiting for me. He had a good day, little discomfort, and I think he rested a lot loads of ice. On one of those Helpful Hints emails I saw the neatest Ice Pack idea, a freezer baggy with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup Vodka makes a cold, squishy ice pack! I made 3, and he's enjoyed them a lot especially since it has been so hot And it has been HOT!
Annika went to the library yesterday for her Youth Activity with Nanny, and then they went out for lunch and shopping She has new rubber boots that are HUGE! LOL I laughed when I saw them!

Both Taylor's friend Regan and Holly's friend Cassidy stayed with us yesterday after VBS was over, and we set up the little blow up pool for them Holly and Cassidy played outside most of the time, and Taylor and Regan stayed in a lot

It's different having Scott sit around all the time while I do everything We Sat out a long time on the swing and watched the kids in the pool and on the swings it was HOT HOT HOT did I mention I love it hot?? We Barbequed for supper of course, seasoned chicken cooked on the rack over a pan of water for an hour and sliced potatoes with butter, onions, and garlic done in tin foil. YUM my mouth is watering
Soccer was early last night, and because one of the coaches is away, the other coach asked us to help out...Scott said YES, and then says to me OH you can do that, I am going to be a little laid up So I did end up coaching a little last night. They did some fun things like Traffic Jam where they had to dribble their balls across a small space without touching someone else's. Holly is getting SO good, she's going to be a wonderful soccer player!

So home and tv and bed. What an exciting life we lead

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