Thursday, September 21, 2006

End of the Sport Season Part 1 September 1

Last Wednesday night was the last ball game of the season. It was a nice time, the kids had fun, and I cannot believe how much they had learned. They were actually pretty good! the coaches were happy to end the season The parents were happy to end the season. And there was a definite change in the air. It was downright Cold that evening. I was trying to take photos but I was wrapped in a dog blanket (brought for Annika to lay on, she had Mystery Fever going on) but Annika was off playing (a little slower than usual but yes, playing Anyway I didnt do much coaching, I did a lot of photo taking
Taylor has gotten to be such a good hitter I actually missed her first hit. She got it before I even got the camera out! LOL
On first Base
Playing First Base
Hitting the ball. Not as good a hit as her first but a hit none the less and she made base

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