Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 29 06

Last Saturday in July
I love July. I am SO going to miss July. I hate having to wait another year for it to come again I think I like it better than Christmas.
So Saturday. Supposedly a nice peaceful day. Not so much most weeks.
It rained overnight which apparently did nothing for the plants because I still had to water them. This caused a rain delay in Scott's baseball games he had to umpire. Still we didnt do a lot in the morning. The kids fought a lot, and Scott started putting a cabinet up in my scrap room. Started LOL. The power drill/screwdriver lost it's charge and he had to charge it before he could continue the job Dont get me started. After he left for his games I tried very hard to keep peace between the feuding three. We had plans to go visit their friends who just HAD to move 45 minutes away, and all the fighting put those plans in jeopardy. Its not like you can just skip 4 minutes down the road to visit, a 45 minute drive takes planning and much more time. So by the time we actually settled on going, it was almost noon, and they were so SLOW about getting things done, we didnt get there until 130. Sad when we had to leave by 330 to be home again.
So we had a yard tour and then descended on the pool, it was Extremely hot and sunny. The kids played in the pool until we literally dragged them from the pool and into the van to go home.
On the way to this little playdate the Cruise Control on the Van stopped working. I tried it again on the way home, and it worked for about 3 minutes then kicked out again. I think this van is dying to completely fall apart before we trade it in, in the fall.
We rushed home to babysit for friends who were heading off to a wedding, we looked after Lane, friends with the girls, and little Sage who is almost 2. The kids went in the pool while Sage and I played in the sand box and made a salad, and when Scott came home earlier than expected we headed off to a BBQ with some other friends. They happened to be looking after the Cole, the oldest brother of the two we were watching. Funny how things work out. After eating (YUM CORN!) we let the kids ride bikes and scooters on the road outside. They set up a ramp and spent a couple of hours out there til it was too dark to see.
Jessie and SageLane and TaylorHolly on a really little bikeAnnika shortly before she banged her head and went home with ice...
and once we came home and got everyone into jammies and in front of a movie, Scott finished the cabinet hanging
The kids all went to sleep except Taylor, and she and I played Webkinz until after midnight!

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