Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lots of stuff going on

Well my busy week (actually 8 days) is ending today and I might actually get some rest. It's Monday again, not my favorite day, but Annika and I are here alone and I admit I like that a LOT. She's Quite fun when alone!
We're preparing for getting a Baby Barn. We have so little storage, we are really looking forward to having a lockable spot for all that outdoor and lots of the basement junk!Scott is leaving Thursday so of course we have to get the spot all ready before he goes...sorta....Ok and this cracks me up...SCott makes this big deal about being near Truro the day before he leaves so he can help out and get things ready for him being away and it should make it easier on me. Wel he spend the ENTIRE day in the basement making phone calls and stuff for work. Yes he really should, and he really needed to, and it was all fine but if he PATS MY BACK one more time and says "Arent you glad I was around today to help you get ready for my trip" I might scream. Literally Scream. So when he emerges from the basement it is to pile into the car and go find stuff. Gravel. Patio stones. Stuff. We come home late, with a spare child (we totally freaked out her poor father cause we were late) and then gravel came and need to be spread. I need to get out this morning and spread it out a little more then add the patio blocks. Has said shed arrived yet? NO.
Eventually things were more or less ready for Scott's trip. Things actually go very smoothly when he is away, my house is clean, 1/2 the laundry, and the kids fight less and listen better. LOL So it's not all bad. I just wish this was not such a busy time for him to be gone. With the kids just in school and lots of stuff going on, it could be quieter.
Wednesday night the bow stuff came! I guess it's bowing time again!!
Scott's brother took him to the airport while I took Holly to the dentist. After I didnt take her right to school but instead took her and Annika to the first day of PlayGroup. There were a lot of faces missing, and lots of new people there too!
After we went to Scott's mother's so the kids could play with their cousins, and Aleah was dropped off there. Carter was also there for lunch, and had a lot of fun with the kids.
Friday was Picture Day at School! Holly's first, so she was nervous, and Taylor just has the goofiest smile right now, someone gappy and shy, I am looking forward to seeing the results!The morning of Picture Day was crazy! The kids got up and had Baths and showers and hair was blown dry lol and they both decided to leave their hair down for photos. We found them some cute shirts that did not clash, and Holly's was brown while Taylor's colourful. I really thought the themes suited them, but they wished they could have traded. Sorry, not the same size!!
After getting these pretty things off to School, we came back and Annika had her bath while Aleah watched.
After dinner we had Quinn in to play and coffee arrived with him YAY and he and Annika washed the dog who is making me crazy, pushing the door open and going outside, then rolling in something dead somewhere, and coming home smelling just horrible. Bath time again!
After supper Friday I sent the kids off for a sleepover with their Nanny and prepared for the scrapping Girls to come here! It was really a good night with no kids and no hubby in, so we scrapped for a few hours and had about 12 people in and out over the night. I worked on a project for our Stampin' Up downline meeting the next day, I did a PillowBox.
When everyone had left I kinda realised that for the first time since Taylor was born, I was going to spend the whole night alone. It was kinda a weird feeling and I loved being here alone. Unfortunately sometime during the evening a door was not closed tight so the CAT let himself out and didnt come back til morning so I worried all night! Then he came home and kinda puked up some blood. TALK ABOUT WORRIED! but he did eat a little so I went away for the day!
Our Stampin' Up Upline generously has us into her home maybe 2 times a year to learn some new things, and do some neat projects. We did make and takes and did a cute album, then we had a potluck lunch and did our shoebox swaps. Despite the chaos we did some beautiful projects
After a long day of stamping we headed home and I picked up the kids at their Nanny's. I caught a photo of this awesome sunset kind of by chance while taking some photos of the girls playing with the boys. (which didnt turn out well, it was kinda dark
Saturday night my friend Ann so kindly came over and helped me get ready for a large card party the next day. Procrastinator I am, I had barely started getting ready, but with her help I actually got to sleep that night.
Spent Sunday morning getting the kids ready and packing a few things for the afternoon party. Got out of the house late (how did that happen??) and took the kids to Nanny's where a family BBQ was going on. I ate a little then ran off to the card class where 4 of ten people came lOL.
We did 5 cards there, starting with simple and ending with complicated.
Two variations of a simple card, one with cut out snowflakes, and one stamped.
Again 2 variations, the ladies did the Little Lady with the sled. watercolour crayons were used here.
A card using pastels and Versamark.
designed by a friend of mine, this set got rave reviews.
We wrapped it up with this card using glossy cardstock and a spectrum pad, versamark, and lots of tools and ribbons.
By the time I got home last night I was so exhausted I could barely move. The kids...not so much so we went and they painted at a friend's place til it was bath time and then bed time. Wish they would sleep in their own beds


erica922 said...

adorable cards Teri

NancyJones said...

OMG I LOVE THE CARDS!!!!THOSE SO ROCK!!!!! IM gonna have to try a couple of those I LOVE the one with the lady pullin the presents. CUTE CUTE looks like you had lots of fun!!!