Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 19 06

Wednesday at the Beach
I got to spend another day at the beach! I am getting spoiled tho by going to cottages, how am I ever going to go back to a public beach and have no bathroom/kitchen/cool spot?? LOL My dear Auntie Alison from Montreal is here with her family visiting and they have the cottage on the shore! This is the same shore where feel I have spent half the summer, just more east! In the morning we worked and cleaned and got ready to go. By about noon we were ready! We headed for New Glasgow and stopped for a little while at the Hospital to visit my grandfather who was alone and doing quite well. Apparently we popped in during rest time, no one told us we couldn't! LOL It was nice to see him, he's thinner and a little frail looking, can't wait to see him up and about again! It brought back some sad reminders of seeing my father in almost the same position, with the thinness and the tubes and IV's but at least he was feeling better. We then headed for Melmurby Beach, a place I spent a lot of summer days when I was a kid! Alison and family are renting a cottage a little ways away from the public beach. We found it despite an absolutely hilarious map drawn by my mother LOL and unloaded some stuff from the van and then went straight for the water! We walked a little way down the road and off across the shore to the Sand Bars (they do not serve cocktails there). On the way the water was shallow (tide was out) and there was loads of wildlife waiting in the little pools. The kids saw crabs and quahogs, snails and jelly fish. There were these teeny little fish they were trying to catch LOL and they collected tonnes of shells.
Out on the sand bar the kids played in the sand digging holes and making castles. They made friends with a little toddler named Katelyn, and waded into the water.
There was a big drop off that let everyone go deep very fast, we had to watch carefully to make sure the kids didn't walk off it! Scott spent a lot of time in the deep part with the kids.
Holly wouldn't go in the deep water and Taylor went a lot with Alison. I stayed dry with the camera I'm just not really desparate to swim, I like my feet wet and the rest dry.
After swimming there awhile we walked back to the sand beach and gathered things to go back.
Back at the cottage some others arrived and the kids ran off to play ball and soccer and pick raspberries. We got the food out and ready and had surf and turf! Ya Steak and Lobster. doesnt get any better! We ate to stuffed, and decided to skip baseball and stay into the evening, but for Scott who went back early to Truro so he could go umpiring. The kids played and watched a movie and played some soccer to Holly's delight!
Yes Taylor was there but didn't really want to pose for photos we got home very late and my mother headed for the Valley VERY late. I wonder if she made it home??? And off to bed!

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