Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Rest of the Week

The rest of the Week
Thursday was a really busy day! Starting at 730 in the morning when Mason and Jesse came to spend the day, it was just DayCare Central from that point on!
It was nice to have boys around, and we had a lot of fun! All 5 kids went to VBS, and Scott and I had a rare few hours alone, so we went shopping of course! LOL I got some nice clothes on sale and was reminded how fat I am in every mirror in the store!
We picked the kids up and had lunch, then company came We had Morgan and MacKenzie come swimming, and the boys were swimming too...then Jeremy heard the racket and came at one point there were 8 kids playing here. And then they were biking and running back and forth to see Jeremy and Korea (I dont know how to spell her name) across the was chaotic. My mother arrived in the midst of this sometime. The boys got picked up, Mac and Morgan went home, and Jeremy stayed home eventually. We went and got pizza for supper before MacKenzie arrived back for a ride to the Soccer Game, which was difficult at best, as the other team was miles ahead in understanding of the game, and we seem to have a lot of people on our team that only come for games and skip all the practices. That really hurts the team
So after the game Morgan was going away for a sleepover so Mac really wanted a sleepover somewhere. Gee I wonder where...and she came back here after the game to sleep HA. Sleepovers should be called Awake Overs.
Mom brought her new hobby along, jewelry making, and we sat and made some necklaces and earrings. The kids watched a movie and went to sleep. Sometime around Midnight I finished my first set and thought about sleeping.
Sleep was a little sparse and the next morning a little rough, got the kids off the VBS very late, and mom and Annika and I went shopping for awhile, got some more jewelry resources and sandals for the kids next summer. We picked up the kids and dropped off Mac, came home for dinner, and scoffed our plans to go to the waterpark because of drizzly rain. We made Jewelry instead. I made 2 more jewelry sets, and made Holly a green necklace. Mom made Annika a pink set and Taylor an amythest set.
Scott came home in time to take the kids for a little rollerblading before he headed off to Unpire in the rain.
and Taylor finally got her wish to have a friend for a sleepover, and she picked Jeremy who got a little lonesome at midnight and needed to be "talked to" for awhile.
they got along so well, it was actually nice to have a friend in who didnt play head games. Boys are so different from girls.
Which brings us to this morning. I'm very tired LOL for getting so little sleep last night. I would really love to have a nap but today is BIG cleaning day, Scott put up some shelves in the basement and I cannot wait to load them! They will hold tonnes of stuff! At some point we will have to do some cleaning upstairs, but the kids are at their grandmother's and so we have some KID FREE TIME!I am sneaking off to my scrap room now. I have not scrapped in AGES!

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