Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Day of School Fall 2006 Sept 7 06

was Holly's first day of school ever! I dreaded this moment for almost 6 years! She's always been Mommy's girl and I totally was not ready for her to go to school! lol But at almost 6 years old, she's more than ready!
We didnt talk about School much before the time came, Holly got her vaccinations and we got school supplies, ran out late in the game to get some First Day of School clothes (because I always buy the first day!!) We tried for weeks before School started to get something but Holly just couldnt seem to settle on something, she runs around the stores jacking up the hem on every skirt and dress and proclaims it unwearable because it has no shorts and someone might see her underpants. LOL I would have been better off investing in some bike shorts ages ago.
So the day before school started I was going to take the kids to the wildlife park like we do every year, and ended up waiting for Scott who asked us to wait for him to go shopping (school supplies Yup that's me last minute shopper! Equivalent of shopping on Christmas Eve LOL) and since Scott was 2 hours late we ended up not going to the wildlife park. We finished our supply shopping and went looking for clothes but cut that short so Scott could go umpiring. The kids had their baths and then prepared and packed their school supplies.(Im adding extra photos for you Carlene!)
Holly crammed everything into her bag threatening to break the zippers!
Taylor added her own name to some items this year!
Packed and ready to go!
Stuffed to the max!
Annika was feeling just a little bit left out and got some supplies of her own to put in her pencil box and book bag.
After the kids were asleep and Scott came home I ran out to Walmart to find an outfit. I decided whatever I brought home was going to be it, and she would wear it! I wandered and waffled but ended up finding a Dora skirt and sweater set. The skirt had shorts YAY hahaha and the sweater was colourful stripes and had a hood. It was perfect and I was a hero Super Mom
So the morning of dread came! LOL there were predictions that Holly would be one of those tearful crying kids clinging to the mama's neck with a death grip. I suppose it was possible. The girls were both up early, ate, got their hair dried, and dressed in their nice clothes. They were ready to go early and Holly was anxious to go.
We had some traditional before school photos taken and Nanny and Grampy were both in to wish Holly luck.
So we drove off to School and of course it is raining, pouring almost! LOL Holly and Taylor climb out with all their gear and away we run!
We hung around the playground (in the rain) and eventually Taylor ran into one of her friends and dumped us and then we walked Holly around to her door, where the class usually lines up...although they did not line up too well. There were little primary students everywhere! lol
Holly's teacher eventually came to the door to collect the little newbies and just like that, Holly was scooted in the door and was gone!
of course I snuck in the back door for some photos and to make sure Holly was getting settled in ok. She had some trouble getting a seat as the class was very full and there was supplies all over the place, but she did get a place to sit eventually and got a little help with her sneakers LOL
And over to Taylor's class to check on her behavior as well! She was so excited to see her friends!
I enjoyed a nice day with few kid moments...Annika went to Her nanny's and I went out for lunch with mrs Janet and 20 of her friends.
When I went to school to pick uip the kids, I found smiles all around. Taylor had claimed Holly from her class and they were waiting outside.
Notice Aleah is back with us this fall. she was happy to see her cousins
I always get their first day of school outfits, and Nanny gets a second day outfit. LOL The kids picked out some interesting styles and told us we are hopeless and need fashion help.
What is with tights? Is this the 80's??

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