Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 16 06

Another Sunday :)
Sunday, and it's Hot Hot Hot! I love it when it's hot! No complaints here! I woke up nice and early and got a good start on my scrap room It's coming along, I can now walk across it
Getting ready for a Monday Stampin' Up party and I should not have left it so late because I forgot about a prior engagement I have with a few horses I Vet Checked a Local Horse and Pony event. The horses jump a cross Country course I have never yet seen (this is my fourth year doing this) and when they finish they come to me to be checked to be sure they are ok to go on It's something fun I like to do but I swear those poor people get the hottest day of the year every single year! I wish just once it would rain, the poor horses are SO hot Tomorrow I go to do the Pony Club Rally, same deal. I take Taylor with me, this year she wrote some results down for me and also took photos.
Poor kid, I know she would love to take riding lessons and pony club, I sure wish she could do it. maybe someday I will be able to arrange it She wanted to watch some of the stadium jumping afterwards, and we took lots of lovely photos.
After the show was over Taylor and I came home and slipped into the pool for 5 minutes to cool off. we went to get the little girls from Nanny's as Scott was umpiring again in Lemon Hill. no Violence on Sunday. On saturday there was some heckling and bottle cap tossing, threats of "more" but nothing serious. Considering Scott's senstive area being a little more sensitive than normal, I would think he would back off of stuff like that Came home and while deciding what to have for supper, Scott came home and made a nice BBQ Something or other. I spent the rest of the evening getting ready for SU party and cleaning up scrap room, putting kids to bed and getting there myself somewhere around 1 am. couldn't sleep anyway it was hot and I was anxious. The group I was making cards with can be a little bit intimidating despite all being very nice ladies, and I discovered Saturday that there was a Close To My Heart rep invited YIKES talk about pressure to be GOOD!!!! LOL
And on to Monday

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