Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 31 06

Monday July 31
This last official day of my Month Long Blog! I have actually gotten into the habit of being here daily and after 21 days something is considered a habit so lets see if it lasts! LOL
Monday is still so not my favorite day of the week! The kids had a sleepover on Sunday night and they were supposed to go to bed early and did not I was supposed to sleep in and also did not because the neighbor's dog was yapping rather close to my window! LOL So still we are a tired bunch! The kids were in Old Barns so their Nanny took them and their cousin Riley to the Vacation Bible School that runs for this week. I am not sure they will get there every day but it's not important. They really love their church. And they have lots of friends there. Taylor feels very important helping her sisters with their crafts and looking after them.
I would really love to be a photographer. I wonder if I can get someone to let me take photos of a wedding Ive done a lot of other things
I cleaned house in the morning, and then picked up the kids by noon and took them to nanny's for lunch and to see Grampy who was home from 2 weeks away. There they started riding some bikes around and got the "bike Bug" so when we came home we had to get their bikes right out and I sat on the front lawn for ages watching them and yelling carrrrrrrrrr.
Annika chose to ride her Scooter and her Plasma Car for awhile.
Taylor has decided to try fancy riding after jumping her bike off ramps the night before.
And YES there is Holly riding her Two Wheeler for the first time! BOOT the bikes with the training wheels, she's a two wheelin now!
The Little Larkins came to play while their momma was doing some errands, and they biked for at least 2 hours before heading for the pool for a long time too
The girls ran into Jeremy who lives across the street again, they seem to find him every few months LOL but he is now a best buddy and he came to swim with them. I believe he only went home when it was supper time and the clouds were looking a little scary.
This actually didnt turn into a storm until a few hours later.
There was a surprised visit from Grammy who brought the kids each a little wooden chair Now we have to pick colours and paint all of these chairs!
We fed all the Larkins and sent them on their way before we headed off to baseball AN HOUR LATE because Scott checked the schedule for the Wrong Day and I didnt recheck "sigh" lessons learned. The Little Giants let Taylor play on their team and she still got her practice in.
Since we werent' coaching we actually got to watch and played catch with the two little ones while Taylor played.
After the game the thunder and lightening started and I learned how scared Holly was of it LOL it was not a lot of fun. Home to bed.

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