Thursday, September 21, 2006

June 20 06

the last full week of school
Taylor is still in school and it's killing me! LOL I was SO tired this morning that when she came and said she wasn't feeling well (shes had a cold, I know) I said Oh good stay home. That means 2 less trips to school for me today And good! That's pretty lazy of me. I'm not proud. But I am SO tired of running to the school! LOL
I'm not sure what I am looking forward to about school. I am annoyed at the kids that are still hanging around demanding things, Annika is currently on the floor whining and kicking about something and I cannot even figure out what! But I dont care! I love summer vacation and that's all I want to see right now.
We've just completed another activity for the summer, Piano lessons today was the last one and I think Taylor's done fairly well considering her attention span is about 4 minutes total lol.
Scott's away so I'll be taking all the kids to Holly's Soccer practice tonight. Wonder what I can do to kill THAT hour? LOL
This week is lasting FOREVER!

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