Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We've been doing things

That I havent been keeping up with :) Im going to catch up a few things now so that tomorrow when i am supposed to be WORKING (capitals on purpose) I wont be distracted by people asking where the CURRENT photos are.
Last week in town was the Provincial Exhibition. Now I hate Exhibitions in general. The people hanging out are unsavoury, they are dirty, expensive, and kinda lame in general past few years anyway. My kids are too small for the cool rides and the crappy ones are not worth the rediculous cost of getting them IN the front gate (10$) and then onto the rides ($20 more) for each kid...and they are things like the crocodile roller coaster (ugh) and the little cars that go in circles (ugh ugh) anyway so i hate that aspect.
I do however enjoy most of the livestock stuff. There is the cattle shows, even the goat show is interesting, the Agricultural display is lots of fun for the kids, and the horses are almost always doing something. The 4H displays are fun and the kids are learning loads about what is expected. :)
We spend most of the time hanging around the Dairy stuff, that is where Scott's friends are and that is what the kids are interested in. Taylor and Lane were training calves this summer to show, and Cole shows his 4H heifer so they have a lot if interest there.
Taylor called her calf Kate this year, she was very attached to her. She spent alot of time working on getting Kate to let her close by.

Bath time! Some of the little ones show up a little dirty and they all get baths! That's a wet job.

Katelyn trying to figure out, what on EARTH are they doing to that cow? they clip them after they are dry, they look very nice!

lots and lots of walking "training" can go into a calf. by the time they are done, they are easy to work around and fairly friendly as well, making them nice animals to deal with albeit occassional pests. :)

Annika and her cotton candy, a must have. We also discovered a great Kettle Corn stand, and ate our share of the Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn, We waited til they were just finishing up a hot batch and ran over for a bag of it right out of the kettle :)

Annika took a great liking to this cute little LaMancha goat, in the petting zoo. She spent most of the morning there :)

She is not threatening to strangle it, she wants it to look at me, and all it wants to do is chew her fingers :)

Lane and Holly having some Quality time.

Ready to show bright and early, the kids had the calves ready on time but the show started late so they spend a lot of time in the rows waiting. Likely good for the calves, hard on nerves. :)

Taylor and Kate entering the ring, Kate was youngest so she had to go first and Taylor was all full of fits over that. She didnt like going first but once she did get moving it was fine :) and she did great, Kate was perfect and Taylor did a good job ;)

Lining up, The calves look so small! :)

Taylor with her 6th place ribbon! Good placing for such young calves, they had a great time training them and showing them!

Holly had a friend over for a "playdate", they havent seen each other in ages but they tend to pick up where they leave off every time! We live close by, I dont know why we dont see them more often!

But these two are a lot alike and they tend to be very silly when they get together :)

Gotta see these CUTE littel golf clubs (pink) that SCott got for the girls this week :) He traded a really nice set of his clubs for them and the girls could not be happier (although Holly is a little small for them yet) They should get some use out of them next summer and this fall!

This past Labor Day weekend, we went to the Valley and Scott and I were able to sneak away to Digby (actually not so much sneak as arrange for Aunt Vicky to babysit while we ran away to Digby) and had a round of Golf at Digby Pines, an extremely nice golf course. I cant say I had a great round but Scott loved it and I did ok with some really GOOD hits to keep me trying. There were some interesting Par 3 holes over water YIKES and over Gullies (Yikes) that I did really well on and had great luck hitting ONTO the green for par! :)

That's ME teeing off over this second hole water shot...I imagine losing loads of balls into that water but I got over and hitright onto the green :) felt pretty pleased about that!

And this was a shot over a big ol gully, I had a little help from a tree but I did get on the green and close to the hole (see ARROW and pretend to see ball)!
I tend to aim all my shots to the left because I have a terrible tendency to hit them way right of where I aim...this makes it so that when I do hit straight, I get into trouble. Scott says "aim over that clump of trees)....clump of trees???? yeah sure! But I did...and I hit straight. And the ball sails OVER the trees! I am thinking YAY that was awesome, right over them...but I didnt hear anything like breaking branches or a nice thump when the ball landed...
we could not spot the ball for looking so I looked up....and there in the top branches was my ball. Hung up IN the tree. Also see CIRCLE and pretend to see ball. These photos are way small.
It was a great round of golf :) very nice to get away alone together.

On Monday (Holiday) we sent the kids for a sleepover and again got out golfing locally. other than a twisted ankle looking for a ball in woods, it was a lot of fun too! :) I thought I was doing much better than before but scores kinda came out the same, likely for playing last few holes on a sore ankle. But I think Im getting better. Unfortunately I dont think playing with me is good for Scott's game. I slow him down and he doesnt always do so well for watching me instead. He still claims he is having fun.

friends of ours are moving this week to Newfoundland so we've been out ti visit before they go....Their girls and our girls are very close despite them moving further away LAST year (they wont stay still) and they are really going to miss each other.


Nik Just Nik said...

Wow TL sure looks like a bundle of fun was had by everyone..

I second your feelings on Expos.. .we did not go this year because of an Influenze A outbreak... But I always leave them feeling like I am covered in a layer of dirt and that my wallet will never get over the shock of the money it had to give out...

Vicky said...

It nice that you guys had a busy summer together doing things. And, now it's over :(. Anyway, hope the classes go well for you. Students are more respectful and easy to deal with when they adults who are there because they want to be! Have fun.