Friday, September 14, 2007

Annika Starts Pre-Primary

We're pretty happy to have Annika accepted to the 4 year old Pre-Primary program at the french school in town, L'ecole Acadienne. She went to the 3 year old program there last year and was happy to be going like her sisters, all day every day, this year. :D I wondered if it was a little much for a 4 year old, but she IS almost 5, OMG, and it's not really any worse than Daycare except she's learning and they have Routine and I love them having Routine. :)
Her first day was a couple of days after the other kids.
She got up excited and put on her new outfit that we went shopping for a few nights before...

All Smiles now LOL there were some touchy moments but she was pretty excited to go.

Showing us her back pack all ready to go too!

When she got to school she found her little closet and put her bag and coat in...
Sets up her little pets for the day, she isnt allowed to take toys to school but I sometimes let her take them and leave them on her shelf. Taking so real chances with Shelley tho!

And she joined her friends to play!

She had a really good first week :) She knew a lot of the kids from last year, and was happy to rejoin them. Her bestest friends Chloe and Angeline are both there a lot, which makes her comfortable! She was happy to go in the morning and not upset when I got there to get her, and she had really good days! :) I noticed Wednesday she was getting pretty tired but so was I so I guess it is understandable!

Now today when we arrived there were kids Crying and that of course set her off. I had to leave her not very happy, but I checked on her at lunch time and the teacher said she was fine within minutes although spent the morning "angry". OH do I know THAT Annika?? Totally predictable, that one is.

:) So Preprimary is a total awesome program! They are learning to play instruments and words and letters and numbers and all the Primary stuff! It's really awesome to see :) And with Annika turning 5 so soon and not going to actual primary school, it's just the challenge and entertainment she needs! She's too old to sit at home and watch the same tv shows all day! She needs her friends and school too :)


erica922 said...

wow i am very happy to see Annika going to school, in "french"??? lol lol
thank you for sharing dear

Jodi said...

She looks like she is ready and happy t be going. She is too cute!