Monday, January 29, 2007

Saturday Jan 27th 2007

A busy day!

well it started a little rough because I wasnt feeling the best LOL. I got up earlier than I wanted because I felt a little queasy, then when I went back to bed I couldnt sleep. So I was up before the kids came home from their sleepover with Nanny. I should have gone shopping, but I didnt do anything because I was too tired LOL. I was up and dressed and only barely existing. SO tired. YOu know that tired, the "Oh I cannot lift my arm" tired....the "Don't talk so loud I'm too tired to answer your Questions" tired. So Scott took Holly to hockey and I didnt move. lol

Until later. Annika had a birthday party to go to (her first real "only her invited" party). That was great for her! I was nervous to let her go, didnt know these people from Adam, but it turns out, Scott knew them :) So he left her there with them! I'm like OMG you left her there?? But he says he KNEW them! lOl

Getting her ready was interesting. She was mad mad mad at me all day because it wasnt time to go yet. I tried to take her photo but she would not smile and then it becomes a bit of a challenge to get that perfect photo LOL. I didnt get it, but look at these expressions! Hahahah

So she goes to the party and the two big girls started cleaning rooms. Annika cleaned before she left, the two others later. Wish there was more cleaning and less playing going on there! I got Taylor ready for her Concert that night, and Holly Finally got to play on her rink! iT was so so so cold outside!

She and Scott played on it for a good hour or more before they nearly froze. It's good for her to practice her skills, a nice sized little patch of ice.
I could go on showing photos for ages but it's just time to stop hehehe!

So I went to pick up Annika from her party and that took so long, I rushed home to get Taylor and take her to her concert rehearsal. It was a concert benefit for Transition House, a women and children's shelter here in town (unless I'm wrong). Taylor sings in the Douglas Street School Choir, and they were massed with many other choirs including the St. Mary's school and Redcliff School choirs, the Truro Youth Singers, the First Baptist Girls Choir, the First Baptist Church and St Andrew's Church Choirs, and the Cantabile Choir. Very exciting, seriously exciting. They did 2 songs with the mass choir and three on their own. It was a long concert, a late night (they were there 4 hours!) and Taylor started to feel sick about half way through the concert. But I was so glad to have gone!
I have video from their dress rehearsal, the first time the 8-9 choirs sang together. It's a little shakey but there was lots of fine tuning done afterwards.
So that was Saturday. That night I worked on getting ready for a SU party the next day. Which was Scott's birthday :)


Whaledancer said...

I love that song. Its one of my favorite Life Philosophy songs that I sing to myself when its time to simplify. LOL
Or when I'm feeling stupid "Its a gift to be SIMPLE..."

Gaspegirl said...

Holy Moley!! That was some busy day... I am tired just from reading about it!

NancyJones said...

THat sheet of ice (the rink) IS SOOO ROCKIN COOOL I would LOVE to have some snow and something like that here! COOLNESS. Man we would have fun with that. looks too fun! Love the song and hope you are feeling better! Miss ya!