Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday Jan 8th 2007 Monday not so Fun Day

I just wont ever like Monday. It's a fact. There's nothing about a Monday I enjoy. I do LOVE the weekends and Monday is just a cold hard Not-a-weekend.

Scott went to NB this morning. Eventually. LOL He helped get the kids ready, all three, and off to school. Then he did some office work and had a shower and got ready to go. He waited until it started to SNOW, then he left. Duh. lol Apparently it took him 2.5 hours to do a drive that should take 1.5 hours. Nice. At least I know he wasnt in a ditch. We've had SO little snow this year, it was nice to see it!
He left and I had about 30 minutes before Aleah came. So I came here to the computer and started to sort some patterned paper out, looking for my Challenge pieces. I have too much paper. WAY too much paper. Smythe kept me company. He found himself a ball and he ran through and over and under my papers all morning. Yes there are claw marks in some of them. And tears in others. I can work around that.

Aleah arrived sleeping and would have stayed asleep and that would have been awesome...had I not had to go get Annika in about 20 minutes after Aleah arrived. So she slept til I got ready to go and then I bundled her into the car and she woke up and became kinda cranky (it was cold and snowing I dont blame her LOL).

The drive was an adventure! LOL at this point I will start into my Ode to my car. I LOVE my car. I dont think I have mentioned that lately but I need to tell it more. I LOVE my car. It has automatic all wheel drive that I managed to kick in about 25 times on that little drive. There are tonnes of hills and streets between here and preschool, and the stop signs are on every corner. Lots of chances to play with my car. Plus I love it being a standard transmission. Oh this hill is so steep....I'll put it in first gear, and I wont be sliding all over hell like the car in front of me :):) I lvoe my car. When we come out of our road there's a hill, a steep hill, and my CRV chugged right up without even sliding. Up the hills, down the hills. LOVE my car.


So I get Annika from presschool and out into the snow.. I have no idea what that face is about, she wasnt sad to leave, she was happy about the snow.
On the way we discussed our afternoon plans. It was snowing so she decided she wanted to go gobogganning Lol. Our hill out back is perfect for Gobogganing. I told her if it didnt change to rain I would take her gobogganing. and if it rained I would take her skating. Which is what i had wanted to do anyway.

We had our Kraft Dinner and Aleah would only eat if someone spoon fed her So I let Annika take care of that.

And wouldnt you know it, I looked out and it was raining. And it would have been SO nice to just walk out to the hill and go gobogganing. I prefer skating but you have to DRIVE there. Damn! lol. Annika squeals and says YAY we can go skating. No getting outta this one. I packed up the car with skates for us and a stoller and helmet for Aleah, Annika's skating support thingy, and mitts, hats, etc. And off we went.
Aleah's momma met us at the rink so she didnt have to come in and freeze. Convenient timing. I dragged my feet a little on the geting ready part cause it's an hour long skate and I knew Annika couldnt skate for an hour, but she'd wanna stay to the end, so getting there late was gooood. lol plus Aleah didnt have to come in, where although she would have been fine and had fun, she might have been cold and I didnt have to push the stroller around. Annika and I could have Time alone.

So we got our skates on and headed for the ice. I love the Preschool skate...there was hardly 10 people there. No one minded us being silly and putting Annika IN the skate support and pushing her all over the rink. lol
She was so very happy to be there. I had suggested we go so many times and always there was a reason why we didnt. But today we just bit the bullet and went. And I am so glad we did.
By the end she was spending a lot of time not using the support. FAST improvement. I wish I could do better at teaching her to push with the side of her skate so she can "move".
A nice fellow offered to take our photo "together" and Im glad he did :))

So skating was a huge Success! We killed some time before we had to go to school to get Taylor by playing on the rink video games (no money of course Mama doesnt do that) and then it was time to get Taylor from School. On Monday's Holly has After-School activities. It's raining hard and damp by this time and we get home to the nice warm house and I made tea and did some more paper organizing (in the few minutes we had).

With my little companion of course. He's with me whereever I park.

So Back out into the rain to get Holly and her friend. When we landed back home I swore I wasnt going back out again. At all. And I didnt! The kids watched a movie and I did laundry and swept the basement a little. I sorted more paper and had my constant companion for company.

Then it was time for supper, Scott made a lasagna for us to toss in the oven. Katelyn and Allison stayed for supper and brought Salad and Dessert...chocolate cupcakes. Allison helped pick some challenge papers with me, and the kids played. Past the time quite nicely. Then time for bed.Taylor and Holly went really well but Annika....well not so much. And there were things I wanted to do, so I let her come downstairs instead of keeping her sisters awake upstairs.

And I finished sorting my papers and put them away, with help from Smythe who picked the rest of my challenge papers for me. LOL Ann brought me a square punch and after she left I punched some squuares and went to bed. Late.


Gaspegirl said...

haha, so what did you do yesterday? You had some day girl and I have a sneaking suspicion that I may see some of that paper and perhaps a photo on some layout(s) in the next few days, yes, no?! Guess that I will have to wait and see! Have a good one!

grover said...

i hate mondays too.

Whaledancer said...

I LOVE that big sparkling smile you have while skating. Looked like an amazing Mom and Annika time.

Vicky said...

Why must cats lay on our paper????? what is so nice for them. I agree with Alison...I love the pic of you and Annika skating.