Saturday, January 06, 2007

January 6th 2007 Saturday Gotta love Saturday

Saturday. A day for sleeping. Relaxing. Catching up. CLEANING??
*sigh* yup. A day for cleaning.

We've just been working really hard to get the basement into some sort of a useable space. It's very crowded and small and it would be really nice if it were somewhere that we wanted to hang out!
So we rearrange and organise and toss stuff...til we are PURPLE in the face! Trying to fit stuff into small areas is like trying to bucket water into the's already full, folks! Give it up!
SO we have to give up some stuff. Like Baby stuff. Look out Valley, it's coming your way!
So Scott starts out the day with a nice HUGE breakfast and a nice large coffe with hot chocolate from Tim's. YUMM what better way to start a day?? Well one cannot work hard on an empty stomach. We had breakfast (a little late, we didnt sleep in but we did have a slow start.) then some cleaning began. Well I started. Scott..started a little slower, had some errands to run, went for this and that LOL. but he did start on his "room" and I worked on mine and the rest of the house and managed some laundry too! Wonder if he made Taylor's bed? she's as likely to sleep on bare mattress LOL.
We did clean their rooms and the living room and kitchen this morning, and the kids earned their first ALLOWANCE. They had to prove they could keep their rooms clean for a bit of time (unspecified) so now if they keep them clean and do their other chores (also unspecified) then they will get their allowance every Saturday. YAY GIRLS!

I've already been working on my "room" for a few days. There's just no space! I am sure you can't see a great deal of improvement but it's there, believe me. I moved the table from the left side to the right, under the cabinet. I stuffed a tonne more stuff in there too! LOL

Holly and Annika had a movie and they played upstairs but Taylor seemed bored and so I put her to work. She already inventoried my stamps today I had her start Labelling them for me. In fact it's after 11 and I think she's still doing it! LOL! She ASKED for it LOL

Scott and I tripped over each other all day! LOL His space goes through my space, so I had to make him trails through the chaos I was organizing. YOu know how these things always look worse before they get better! LOL we moved the book case that was partly blocking his door, and we dug out an old desk because I got a large Fiskars Rotary trimmer for Christmas and It NEEDED it's own table. lol the table has drawers and loads of space and I have all my "cutting" tools in or nearby. Organized eh?

We managed to toss a lot of stuff and Scott has a pile at the end of the room that needs to move, it has stuff for the shed and stuff for the VALLEY LOOK OUT I MEANT IT! IT'S COMING! And some bags of recycling to go out on Tuesday! LOVE Garbage and recycling day! LOL And I need to make a Salvation Army run this week. We have a full bag.

Got stuff put away. Vaccuumed. And Scott's area vaccuumed as well. and we hung a little curtain. Homey, it is! It's too warm for a fire! It's 13...and it's 1121 PM!!

So here is my Scrap room in it's glory!
The room is hard to photograph because it's wide and the roo is long, but this gives an idea you can see CARPET! I am standing at the edge of where the girls can now sit to watch tv in comfort!

Here is my scrapping table. It still needs some work, but now it's on the opposite wall, will have a light that hangs under the cabinet, and I have more space because now nothing will fall off and the inks are on the cutter table.!

My retired stamps are piled on the bottom shelves of this book case! They include some duplicate sets for gifts for customers. On the upper shelf is the current Alphabet sets, word sets, and verses. Anything wordy went there. And the pretty box in the middle is the non-stampin up stamps.

And the Current stamps and supplies on the bottom shelves.

This is most of my paper. The 8 1/2 X 11 card paper is in the file boxes on the right. It's most all Stampin' Up. The others hide under the table. On the left are cubes that hold the 12X12 paper. and the albums. I need a proper bookcase for the albums!

The cutter and it's table are a happy pair! The cutter is just too large to pull in and out of storage, so it gets a table! The drawers hold adhesives and the rest of the cutting utensils.!
The inks are comfy there too! Lots of space!

and my computer is in the basement for the first time since Annika was just born! We brought it to the living room but it's been demoted again to the basement, albeit a nicer basement this time!

So by the time we were done with the rooms, ate, showered, and rested, it was too late to go play games with friends who sleep more than we do LOL. If we'd had a babysitter...but I suppose one cannot start planning that the afternoon of. We rarely get a sitter.

So Here I am blogging away. And chattering. Nothing accomplished tonight!
But what a day!


Gaspegirl said...

First of all, yummy on the belgin waffle (one of my favs) and wowzers on the stamps... you were not kidding when you said you had a lot! Have a great day!

Wolf said...

You've been a busy girl! Looking wonderful!!