Friday, January 05, 2007

January 5th 2007 TGIF!

I do love a good Friday!

This morning we got up a little late due to an alarm clock failure and a complete determination to ignore Smythe's morning torture ritual which likely would have gotten me up on time if I werent so determined that he not do it! LOL Meow!

So the ladies got off to school, and Annika and I did some little chores, then while Mommy checked out message boards and blog,
Annika played with the camera and took like ten million photos of her feet, the floor, things around the room, me, the cat, and the TV oh yes the TV, a prominent thing in her life. She does love her Dora. Hmm great parenting there.

So We got ready to go to the store as soon as Scott came back from getting his car serviced, and although he said he would take about 20 minutes, it was more like 2.5 hours because even though he was late, and knew we were here waiting for him, he went to visit his friend after he was done rather than coming home. "sigh" we never made it to the store.

Aleah came right after lunch and seems to be feeling much much better. She was talking up a storm! Supper Time! Downstairs now?? Akila Come! (that's annika come in Aleah-speak).

Scott was waiting impatiently for the Hockey game to start (Canada beat Russia 4-2 Yay Canada) and made a puzzle with the little ones while he waited. I helped her finish it, a cute puzzle and she just Adores puzzles!
So the hockey game starts and we watch some, then it was time to get the older kids from school and Aleah left, Scott comes in just Furious at Taylor because our little social butterfly was talking in the school rather than coming right out. She really needs to respect us more, she makes us wait every day for her to finish being chatty. And he needs to take a pill. He was mad because while he was waiting for her, Canada scored 3 goals. He missed that few minutes of game. Oh the horror!

Nanny and the Boys came in to visit while the game was on. Da Boyz quickly made friends with the pets lol playing with Smythe and throwing Dylan's rubber bone for him over and over and over. Nanny brought some clothes for the kids and she has made Taylor a skating outfit for Figure Skating, they do have to wear them in her level. It's very "Taylor", my little Drama Queen (to be known as DQ from this day on) modelled it for us and did spins and jumps in the living room LOL.

All the while Holly was trying to get ready for hockey and watch the game on TV that Scott was having a FIT about because he wasnt getting to see enough of it.

I took Holly to Hockey so that Scott could watch the rest of the game. Imagine! The game was over before the kids hit the ice, but still, he would have missed it "driving!" so I did get to take some photos of her and see her improvements. She hasnt skated much over Christmas and you can tell she's a ltitle rusty but OH so much better than when she started...she's having a game tomorrow and I might take the camera to get a video.
Holly is waiting for her turn for a drill here, in her little pink laces and new Pink hockey stick...There were 2 other little girls out there tonight with Pink sticks LOL I think I might get her a different colour of laces so she can wear one of each LOL.

In this drill they skated forward and stopped, then skated backwards which is what she's doing here although it's hard to tell, and she remained on her feet! LOL Well she was back up anyway. She's a good little sport! I cant wait for it to get COLD so we can set up her own rink! LOL hmmm she might think it should be larger...but it will be loads of fun!

So we picked up Regan and came home to supper and then DQ and Regan were off to Gems and I had a nap. Kids home, everyone off to bed.

Time to head for bed


Diana said...

Neat pics - you have a nice blog!

Vicky said...

Can Holly stay on her feet better yet???? ANd, dontcha hate hockey games on turned mean into big babies,lol!!!!

erica922 said...

Hi Teri, looks like all of you are having so much fun, I am so glad for you. I was sick, very, but im getting better by now:) love all your pictures and love love the recliner looks soooo comfy :)

deborrah said...

Wow! Sounds like you had quite day! Love all the outfits the kids were in ... tooo cute!

Aren't men unbelievable????? And then they get angry at us when we are only about 5-10 minutes late! Don't get me started. Great blog you have ... can't wait to get to know you better!