Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Monday Monday why does Monday Always Follow Sunday?? Jan 15 07

Kids at School. Annika at Preschool. She had a rough night with waking up (maybe?) and being scared of everything! So I let her sleep in and she went late. It was ok. She's a kid. lol
Thought we had Aleah on Monday. But we didnt. So we ran some errands and I went to GCDS and got these cool Words! They used to have LIVE which was the word I wanted, but now they dont have it. I will keep checking.

Eventually it started to snow. A forecast big storm, 4-6 inches. OMG that's a big storm?? well i love snow so I wont knock it. It did snow and when the girls came home from After School Activities they went straight out to coasting! It was Katelyn's first time Coasting and I have to say I think she LOVED it! She was up and down and around SO many times it was awesome!

Annika has become a real coasting enthusiast! She asked me to move then came straight down the hill at me! LOL Thinks she's funny ;) but I snapped this photo before she hit me!

All coming down at once...
Dylan was running around with us and had a wonderful time!

After the coasting was done we went in for hot Chocolate and supper, and I dont think we did anything in the evening , it was snowing YAY! Scott was getting ready for an away trip next day (NFLD) and I was scrapping or sleeping, whichever LOL

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NancyJones said...

OMGOSH LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW sure miss seein you hope you feel better and sorry miss annika had a rough night, you feel so bad for them when they are like that! Nothing much you can do but try to make them feel loved and safe! It is cold and was sleeting here last night but melted very fast didnt even stick on the ground so just looked like it was raining... you could hear it though was so coool!