Saturday, January 27, 2007

Monday January 22 2007

Seriously almost nothing happened LOL
Scott went to Newfoundland. And he actually GOT there! He was gome from 5 am til 11 pm.
I got kids to school (thanks Allison)
and got Annika off to preschool. I came home and scrapbooked until Aleah arrived, (I think lol) then we went and got Annika and went to the Mall and Walmart looking for something to Alter LOL then we went home then to get Taylor then we went to 2 Thrift stores looking for something to alter, nothing there either, then went back to school to get Holly and Katelyn, back to Walmart to get something else to alter don't laugh cause I did find something, went home and had supper, got the kids ready for bed, Taylor helped fold laundry for awhile and then they went to bed. Then I scrapbooked a little more! LOL
That was Monday. Not an interesting day at all.

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erica922 said...

Oh my your itinerary every day is "wow" lol so crazy!