Saturday, January 13, 2007

Friday Jan 12 07

YAHOO Friday I love Friday! Adore Friday! So Friday comes, we get the kids off to School and JUMP in the car for Halifax! Scott says where do you want to go. I say I wanna go to Michaels and Photo Memories and possibly the Cutting Garden....and sheesh. He says I will take you to Mic Mac Mall for a few minutes while I make a call. So we were there...til NOON!

I did get some shopping done tho! Almost all for Taylor! Her birthday is next month and I really wanted to get some stuff for her early this time! I did good, getting her something and a gift for Holly's Classmate's birthday at Old Navy. then I found some more things for her at Ardeen/Miss Teen. A good start! Then we made it to the Ruffin's store in Bedford and never left! So much for where I wanted to go! "sigh" at Ruffins we got stuff, like lots of stuff for the pets.

We got crickets for the toads and fed them as soon as we got home. Annika likes to watch them eat, but she was concerned about the crickets walking on top of the cage.

We got the cats some Marinated Mice, these are little furry mice in Cat Nip, the cats just go NUTS for them. Cat Nip is like Kitty Marijuana ! LOL They get all spaced out and freakish and chase these things and rub themselves all's hilarious! After he leaves it I just tuck the mouse back in the cat nip til another time!

So Scott and Holly went to Hockey and I stayed with the others, and everyone went to bed early. Relatively.

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