Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wednesday January 24th

I scrapbooked. All day. Almost LOL!
Gonna win gonna win gonna win...

The girls all went to school. Wednesday is the confusing day!
Annika gets picked up at 1130 and Aleah came at 11 I think lol. Scott was around a lot of the day. After dinner Scott's mother picked up Annika and Aleah because Scott was supposed to be further away. LOL He didnt go. Weather I think. Holly and I went to her Power skating hour. That's a lot of fun even tho I dont really work with her but another little girl. lol little N is coming a long way! LOL Holly I can see from a distance, skating and stopping and doing cross overs and C cuts, it's cute!

She would not want to be called cute.

Scott picked up taylor and after Katelyn went home we went to Nanny's to get the little ones. We stayed for supper there too. Aleah and then Her Grampy joined us.

Scott had a rockin Idea for that "thing" I had to alter. So on the way home I stopped at the GCDS and got paint.
And I found the word there I was missing, LIVE.
We got home in time for kids to go to bed and I scrapped. More! LOL


erica922 said...

gorgeous letters and Taylor is so cute!

NancyJones said...