Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday That's my Fun Day

Funny. NOT!

Well Friday School was cancelled. I had hoped for a storm day, actually. I wanted one. But when I got up and saw that nothing was different from the night before, I came to terms with the fact that there was school. And actually because Aleah was only to be in for 2-3 hours, it wasnt that big a deal. I would clean house and look after a few things while she was here. Then Climbing back into bed, with the radio kinda on, I hear "Chignecto Regional blah blah Cancelled". REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??

Now I know this is one of those situations they cannot POSSIBLY win. I mean...there was horrid weather forecast. Snow changing to freezing rain-rain-freezing Rain-back to snow. huge winds. BUT at that point there was no snow. So they are idiots to cancel school,or they send everyone to school, have to cancel early, someone gets hurt on bad roads, and they are idiots for NOT cancelling school. So as I am happy to see, they cancelled, preferring to go on the side of safety rather than shipping the kids off. And at the time they have to make that decision, the forecast was nasty.

So We had no Aleah, and Katelyn was here for the day. No diapers YAY! hehehehe

The kids started right out on the hill, because with rain forecast there was bound to be no snow later on, plus really wet. Because it was warmed up, they got soaked fairly fast, and the coasting was pretty slow compared to when it's cold. So they didnt stay out a long long time.

Snow?? nope. Not yet.

So they watched a movie. A Movie that OMG still has to go back to the store!holy MOLEY!

Zoe and Smythe are not having much fun coming to an agreement on Who's house this is. She likes to chase him and thinks it's ok to leap up and bite him while I am holding him HELLO! She gets a little "focused" and forgets that I said NO!

They appeared to reach a little truce today. Zoe had a nap near Smythe,
And he stayed up high, out of reach.
But I woke her up and the Truce was off, shew as leaping at him and snapping. Gonne be along battle THAT one.

Snow? not by lunch time. Rain? nope.

Holly and Katelyn did a lot of colours and letter writing down with me.

The dogs played endlessly. That is exhausting. They make these odd sounds when they are playing, kinda choking noises LOL

The dogs needed a bath (smell like dogs, cant have that) and so Scott bathed them. Dylan is very soft when he's clean :) Being white, they need bathing more often.

I dont think this was Zoe's first bath. She was really good.

Mid afternoon. Snow? Nope. Rain? starting. School?? There should have been school.

So the kids watched another movie and had some pop corn and way too much candy. LOL
The rain and wind picked up a little, and I was sad to see the rink was not doing so well. The rain was washing it away :(:(:( I hope once it gets cold we will be able to salvage it. The way it worked, Im not sure we can.

Holly had hockey at 5. Gems for Taylor was cancelled. After Holly and Scott came home we had supper and then Annika had a bath and the kids went to bed. Scott went out to play Poker, and I didnt do a thing but watch the kids and the dogs. I went to bed early and listened to the wind and rain and talked on the phone. I was made aware around 11 pm it was snowing but Scott wasnt home yet. apparently it was a nasty drive home and he came in aroun 117 am but I didnt see him. Lots of blankets on all the couches tho. "SIGH"

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