Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Hump Day

Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold.

It's -22. With a wind chill of like -35. That's chilly. LOL Especially after we had double Digit on the Pluss side last week. It's not so much the temps as the Drastic Changes in Temps that are making us miserable! Lol

There was half an INCH of ice on the window when we got up. And puddles of water...ruining the paint on my wall...I need to fix and paint those. As soon as the dripping stops. Oh whatever.

The temperature really WAS that cold! Too bad it cant show wind chill. We dressed the kids in many, many layers to go out today. I know they likely wont let the kids go outside at school, but they need to be prepared and just the run outside they must be warm! LOL

Smythe was back in his fav new spot Fish watching. I wonder if he GETS that he cannot catch them! They dont get it, they attack him through the glass, it's hilarious! Those big orange fish are really agressive, they attack my Camera!

We had no Aleah today and Annika had preschool. After Preschool I picked her up and brought her to the house where Nanny was waiting to take her home. Annika loves her days with Nanny! And I didnt too much mind my day Mostly Alone.
After School Taylor had Afterschool activities and Holly had a new Power Skate program going on. Katelyn took the bus to our place and Scott was home, so off we went to skate. Nanny picked Taylor up after her activities.

The skating session was very basic and one of the helpers got the good skaters doing some stopping and crossover drills. Holly...was one of the good skaters! I didnt actually even get to watch her much because I was a helper and I was very busy helping a little one get her feet under her! LOL It was kind of fun and I am going to use some of those ideas to get Annika skating without the skate support next time we go out!

after Skating we went to Nanny's for a chicken dinner and then home. Scott bought a new light for my scrapping area as my lightbulb blew (Red Alert Red Alert) and he had promised an "under cupboard" light anyway when I moved the table. SO I have a new noisy light above my table! I still want a bulb for my other one ;)
Scott went to Hockey and I scrapped all night. I am very busy doing 3 challenges for the LIITD DT Contest. If nothing else, it certainly has got me scrapping awesome pages again!

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