Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Blog Jan 7th 2007

Sunday was quiet here. Scott took the kids for coffee then they came home for awhile then his mother came and got them and took them til after they ate supper.

I started my day with Timmie's Large coffee/hot chocolate. It's a requirement for a decent day. The we had lunch LOL
I spent a lot of time cleaning. I vaccuumed everything. I did some tidying. I cleaned in the kitchen. I washed the floor.

And I cleaned the coffee table. I love this coffee table but my darling wonderful children destroyed the top. They seriously did. With markers and crayons, pens and anything sharp they could find. My efforts to clean it ruined the finish. And eventually because it was being wrecked I put it in the basement where it got dried out and sad looking. So we brought it back upstairs last week, and today I cleaned it with Murphy's Oil Soap. It soaked it up like it was water on a desert. LOL And then I used the Magic Eraser in attempt to remove a little more ink. Nope that didnt really help. Took off the ink but left light spots. It's no worse, no better. I need to sand it and revarnish but I dont know what it's been varnished's not shiny at all and it's very soft. Any ideas?

This is Scott's space. It's hard to photograph and needs more work but here's the little corner of the basement he now owns. We will not complain about mess (much) and will bother it as little as possible. It's his.

We watched the movie Invincible this afternoon, it was really good :) I would recommend it even tho it was a "little" slow.

So I took Taylor skating tonight. She had her first time in tights and a skirt. She argued with me over and over. She didnt want to wear a sweater, she didnt want mitts, she didnt want a hat. We argued and compromised on leaving off the hat. And HAHA she was SO cold! I had my hehehe mama moment and then I felt bad for her.

She skated really well, had one bad fall and got back up, ripped her tights in two spots "sigh" and really enjoyed her skirt. LOL

I have her little fall on video but I wont be showing it LOL

After skating we came home and I had supper, the kids had baths, Taylor labelled more stamp sets, and after they went to bed I started organizing my scraps on my clean clean floor in preparation for the LIITD challenge!

Now Scott is going away for the next 3 days, and the kids have busy busy schedules. I need some extra sleep tonight :)


grover said...

lmao...guess what my photo of the day morning timmies!
great minds drink alike..ha ha ha!

Gaspegirl said...

How cute is Taylor in her little tights and skirt... she looks like a pro! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the challenges!! Later!

Whaledancer said...

I would say sand the coffee table down to the wood and varathane it.