Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thursday Jan 25 2007

Deadline day! Ok this day IS all about me and my contest! LOL I have a layout and an altered "thing" to finish, I spent the whole evening night before waiting for paint and Mod Podge to dry so I could do more coats. And now it's all ready!

Scott left really early for NB for the day. Lots of driving for him. The kids went to School and I was ready to have Aleah for part of the day.
Happy Dance! Aleah wasnt coming! It's not that I didnt want to see her! I just had STUFF to do!

SO Annika and I spent the day together scrapping and crafting and she would bring me present after present after present and I opened them all. I got my pages done, then started working on my altered item.

And what happens when momma isnt watching closely enough? Annika had some scissors cutting paper, and she came over and said she "Used these scissors to cut circles and squares and snowmen and hats and her hair". I said WHAT??? What did you say??
She got that deer in the headlights look and said "Nuffin!" then she ran off crying, closed her bedroom door, and sat in front of it LOL. I finally got her to tell me where the hair was, and went and gathered it up, save for a page huh? I mean, it's done now! :(:(:(

Ann stopped by and brought me an early birthday present! She gave me a most awesome new Coffee Cup that sums up my position on dogs completely.

After School I took the kids skating at an outdoor rink in town. It was awesome. It was also cold. It was the first time they have ever skated outside! (at least that I can remember.) We skated outside all the time when we were kids. Even on puddles. The only thing I didnt like was that it was dismiss time for the highschool, so a lot of the highschool kids crossed the rink while going by. They would skid across on their sneakers, getting it dirty and getting in the way of the skaters. One boy even picked up Holly's hockey puck and put it in is pocket. I saw him, and I skated over and said "It would be really mean to steal a hockey puck from a Six Year Old." He dropped it back on the ground and all of his friends were really mean making fun of him...not for stealing the puck but for getting caught. Anyway it was loads of fun.

After we came home and I didnt really make supper, Scott was late, I wasnt hungry, and the kids had sandwiches. Their choice LOL. I finished my item and sent away the last of my contest entries. I'm glad it's over. We've turned this house upside down for this contest.

And after it was over all I could do was sit there and do nothing. I stared at the TV. I watched Grey's Anatomy. And I just totally did nothing.


erica922 said...

lol that about the hair sounds so funny but at least you have an "element" to scrap lol poor Annika! :(

NancyJones said...

omgosh bella did that with her hair too NOW one side is really short in tiny spots. I was so mad.. Thank GOD it grows back.
I cannot believe the kid trying to steal the hockey puck what a moron! Why do kids have to be so mean. Id have had to pound him.