Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fraiday January 26th My Birthday!

Yup I am 34 today. At one point that seemed SO old, now I see it's not really very old at all. Age is a state of mind anyway. I'll take getting old over the alternative.

So I had to get up early. Yup, got a Stampin' up party this morning.

But first I had to get attacked by the kids. They ambushed me after my shower, but I managed to make it to the bedroom for Cards and gifts. Scott had given me some scrapbooking supplies earlier in the week, and he added some shirts and tank tops.
the kids thought this was great fun.

The ice is recovering and is almost ready to be skated on! I am having Hope!

So they got off to school and I got off to Stampin. I originally decided to book this party for my birthday because I thought it beat staying home with 2 kids alone. But as it turns out, Aleah was here all day so I could have gone to Halifax with Scott. But I booked the party. And I was too tired to get ready for it. THANK TO ALLISON who arranged half of my projects!

The card party went well, some ladies I had not seen in awhile, and they liked the cards. Didnt fare so well on the Viewmaster card, but it's done :) I was a little social and didnt get home until 130 or so. I actually was Dying for a nap, But only got a short one because Scott and the kids booked me for a Massage that I got for Christmas.

The massage was nice and relaxing. She was really good for such a little thing, she used loads of pressure. I felt very good after.My neck kink appears to be gone.

Then I was surprised by a manicure. Scott called while I was away in the morning and arranged for a manicure after my massage. That was reallllly nice too. My nails are recovering from the torture of December, the Gel nails didnt help their poor shape much. My nails are temporarily pink and tidy.

After the Manicure I went home and found Scott had taken the kids from Hockey to his mother's for the night. I didnt even get to say goodnight "pout". I wish he would celebrate stuff WITH them for once.

We went to Mugsy McCeol's Pub for supper. It's a neat Celtic pub (for now) with a brewery right in the building so people can see what's going on (usually not much). It's been sold so the name will be Bull and Bear soon. LAME. Brian and Leanne met us and had supper with us. Brian almost made it through supper without sleeping :)

After the Pub we went to John and Krista's and played games for the rest of the night. Didnt even eat cake LOL. The Girls kicked guy butt in Cranium the ENGLISH Version (duurrgghhh Scott get English!) and then Guys kicked girl butt in Trivial Pursuit 90's ed. Apparently I know nothing! See I'm not tired at all!hehe

After we were too tired to move we went home and to bed. Talk about a long day!


erica922 said...

wow it was a long day on your bday Teri, but I hope you had had a nice one!!!!! thank you for sharing the pics

NancyJones said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! SOORRRY I MISSED IT! IM A SCHMUCK OF A FRIEND! SOrry you had been feelin crummy but so happy you got to get your massage. Man you stay busy YOu make me tired just reading about your day rofl