Friday, January 19, 2007

Tuesday January 16th 2007

We got our SNOW on Tuesday! The snow continued through the night and by morning we had a SNOW DAY! LOL I like storm days, most days. This view out my front door doesnt really show the pretty snow as nicely as it was!

So Scott was supposed to go to NFLD today. He got up very early, checked the flight, drove to the airport, checked the flight, went to check in...They cancelled it. While he was there. So he comes home. He cleaned the rink off first. Obviously a priority.

Since there was no school today, There was no Aleah here but there was a Katelyn all day. The kids started out outside, got cold and came in to play house.
Apparently Taylor was the mamma and the rest were her babies...and the two 6 year olds were 18 and 20 and had newborn babies of their own OMG OMG OMG lol

Smythe and I took some photos of the fish.
This Syndo Catfish isnt dead, he actually spends most of his time floating upside down.

So after lunch the kids went out to coast again, and they stayed out for 3+ hours! Occassionally they came in to pee, and went right back out again!

Well Annika actually came in and stayed long before the rest. It's hard work to go coasting! Im so impressed with how brave she is! She carries her own sled up, hops on, and bombs down head first, on her back, feet first...

They came in just before supper for some hot chocolate and then had KFC that Katelyn's mom brought, and after they went home,
Scott and Holly went out and flooded the rink. It's not very smooth. Supposed to be very very cold for next few days so they are working on making the rink work!


Vicky said...

I see the girls like their mugs....good! PS, I love the words from the previous post

Scrappytbear said...

thanks :)