Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year and all that goes with it

We tried really hard to make some New Year's plans this year LOL. We didnt want to go out to some dance somewhere or anything to complicated. No one mentioned doing anything so we decided...we can have them all here! And we asked a few people over. not a whole lot of reaction. There was a party in Fall river we could attend...Another friend was having games and chinese...other friends were having games at their house...we figured we'd find something to do. And then some of the people we'd talked to about coming here, woke up and said Ok lets do something lol so the babysitter thing worked out and we went to Brad and Tonya's for supper and New Year's. We got some games from the other Cameron's and off we went. We had an awesome spaghetti dinner and chocolate brownie something or other for dessert. And then no one seemed to want to play the games! lOL I thought there was a hope for BuzzWord but....it went back in the box and that was that!

I figured out the timer on the camera and we got a group photo, then by 1145 everyone was on their way home. A low key start to the year!

Our kiddies had a sleepover at Nanny's so we got to sleep in a little on New Year's day. Then we got the kids, got them ready, and headed off to Fall River for part 2 of the New Year's party there, the Potluck Lunch. The party was hosted by my Aunt and Uncle in their awesome new house, and many of the Perkins' were there, including another Uncle and Aunt from BC with their 3 little girls who are 11, 10, and 7, very close to my girls yay! There were tonnes of kids there, some "teenagers" who Taylor in her dramatic flair was scared of, and lots of kids right down to Annika who was littlest. They all got along so well!
And us big kids got reaquainted with the Aunts Uncles and Grands, we try once a year at least do to this. LOL It's hard the position we are in (we being the older grand kids) because most of our cousins are way younger than us. The closest in age are actually really far away so we are in this "middle world" where to our Aunts and Uncles we are the little kids (nieces and nephews) but to our cousins we are too old and have nothing in common with them...my cousins are actually some close and younger than Taylor so we now actually DO have more in common with the Aunts and Uncles but it's hard to bridge that gap and how can they repsect us when they knew us in diapers? ahhahaha well we are working on it. We are adults now after all, didnt you see our furniture? hahahah and although i decided we are not getting old, just BORING. Thank goodness our kids have social lives we can live through vicariously.

Random photos from the party:

Annika spent ages writing on the window. Wonder if they will see that today and have to clean the window? At Nan's house we would have to clean that window before going home ;)
Aunt Vicky shared some photos with me because I was a bad bad photo-taker yesterday and had few decent ones...this is Holly really close up and just a pretty photo :)
Some of the kids from the party. I really didnt get any photos of the older kids, didnt wanna be that weird cousin with the camera that sneaks up and snaps (home I am Mamarazzi...what is the cousin?? Cousinazzi? Or just weird.)
Grammy at the party.
Christina taking my photo. Taking her photo. She then told me I was weird and cracked up into the sweetest giggles ever. I amm sure whereever she goes she is everyone's favorite little person, she was mine:) what a little social butterfly! She and her sisters are from BC and this is the first time she's met us in her memory. I hope she remembers us!

Just cute.
Annika was taking some photos of things she liked and ta da there was Shelly.
The kids went out to play for awhile (it was a little chilly).

Kids playing...

me and Aunt Jenny from BC.
Holly playing nice and quiet.
My grandparents with the "kids" that were there at the time.
scott at the party.

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Gaspegirl said...

Great photos and I wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year!