Friday, December 29, 2006

A Grown Up Move

In the spirit of leaving behind College days and silly ideas about having the living room contain whatever I want, we decided to make a grown up living room. Currently it contains almost everything we need to survive except heat. It't the coldest room in the house BRR. But it has the old futon, a rocking chair, various tables and book cases, an old stereo, and an entire corner is for my computer and desk, and all the crap that gathers around the desk. The desk is huge and takes up a quarter of the room!

So it's time to move the computer. Where? OH my I don't know. To my scrap room I suppose.

And the second step is to get "real" furniture. So today, knowing exactly what I was getting into, we went to a store. A Furniture store. And looked. And looked. And I spotted a good sale on a pretty chocolate coloured Microsuede couch and chair set. I liked them. A lot. And the price was good. so I am feeling pretty good about myself. I called Scott. Wanna come look? LOL ok he came. And he looked. And he liked. And he looked around some more.

The lady says "3 weeks before this couch will be in. It's backordered. Can I show you something else??"

I knew I was beat at that point. Everytime I can make peace with a big decision like that, we end up a) spending more, and b) getting something I had not planned to.

We did look a little more. And there was a couch, on sale too, that was more the colour I had planned on. OKkkk so it costs more. And there is no matching chair. BUT the lady says, did you know, that chair you sat in for ages and ages over there, matches perfectly. Sheesh. I didnt come in to get a rocker/recliner. And of course, it's awesome and comfy and you sink into it and recline it and stretch right out. OH my. Ok well I said IF we are getting THAT couch, I am getting the recliner too. Im not settling for something I didnt want. LOL

And now we have home, a couch that's Huge in my little house, and a puffy, comfy chair.

So you know what comes next. To make room for the couch, we need to move the Futon. And the computer. To the rec room in the basement. And therefore Scott's office is moving to another part of the basement that he wants to build up tomorrow. And the futon went downstairs. The house is a MESS. Really a mess. Seriously. I cannot move. the computer, still here. It's a huge job to move it. I am thinking Scott should do it after I go to bed. We dont exactly work well together LOL. I have NO idea if it's going to work. The router will be up here, with the computers both in the basement. Cross fingers!! lol

So this is yet another step in our journey to being adults. You'd think it'd be kids, moving across the country and back, buying houses..but no, our march towards growing up is measured in furniture.


Vicky said...

Nics couch and chair...still going to paint the room red????

Teri-Lynn said...

yeah still thinking about it, although the room just got smaller LOL

NancyJones said...

VERY VERY PRERTTY BUT uhmm TL... CUT THE TAG OFF THE COUCH BABE they realllly wont come put you in jail I PROMISE and if they do ... Ill come laugh and point I mean bail you out :)
Luv ya mean it love you furniture YOU A- DULT you!!!

Whaledancer said...

no no, not SMALL...its COZY!!! Its all about perception baby