Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm Up to my Ears in.....

Things to Do!!!
Im doing it again. Every single year, I create vast lists of things I need to do. And they are all things that need to be done. And every single year, I put them off knowing i have lots of time, and then something happens to show me that I DON'T. I have 20 million things to do, and some things are for me, and some things are not for me. But they all need to be done. And I am sitting here again not getting them done. I dont even know where to start. I need to start really at what needs to be done first and work from there.

Where is my Christmas planner? LOL

Priorities this week include things I need to have for this weekend. Gifts for people I will see at a party this weekend. Things I need to mail out. A Stampin' Up! party I am having Sunday night! OH it is a week from Hell! Scott is going away for 3 days (jerk lol) and I will have my 3 kids plus whatever extras wander their ways through here. There are always a few. so when I think I have lots of time I really seriously only have a little bit. And that makes me wonder why I am so incapable of getting up and DOING these things!

this week I decided after working at it, tearing it out, restarting, and working again on a poncho for 2 years, I was going to finish knitting it. And working a bit here and there it only took me a little over one day to finish it. Why do we put things off that are not really that hard? But that was time I spent on myself when maybe I should have been working on something else.

Ok I need to order some photos. I also need to take some photos. I need to plan a Photo Shoot for the kids. I need to get a family photo done. Someone just needs to push the button. and Scott needs to be home. that's actually the hardest part to plan, when are we all going to be here at the same time? And can someone else really push that button? HAhahahahhaah! lOL

I need to do a few craft things. I also need to finish a layout. I am seriously behind on it because I cannot quite decide how to finish it.

And I need to gather and get a few presents together for this weekend. I am not even sure when we are going now, I had hoped to go Thursday but it's not looking good. Poor Holly is going to miss Hockey this weekend.

Anyway I need to go dig myself outta this hole for a bit. Gotta get the pile down from my ears.

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