Monday, December 04, 2006

Annika Starts Preschool!!!

After waiting 3 months on a waiting list, we finally got a call Friday that there was a spot for Annika opened up at the Preschool at L'Ecole D'Acadienne de Truro. So this morning Annika got up early, dressed nicely, packed her knapsack, and headed off to Preschool!

Before School she had some time to colour, and she was SO excited about going to school! She's Begged since September to get to go!

Ready to head out the door, starting to be a little nervous!

Sitting up in the car waiting "take my picture again mommy!"

The closer we got to the school, the more strangness I hear coming from the back seat. "Mommy will you stay? Mommy will they play with me? Mommy do I have to go??" She started getting nervous for sure!

We got to the school and She said she didnt want to go in. So I said we would just peek in the door. There were one or two kids she knew there. We started for the door and she hung back...didnt want to look in the door lol. IN we went, and the teacher greeted her cheerfully! She hid behind me. We kept talking and moving and she did eventually take off her boots and coat and put her sneakers on, she was looking around Very nervous!

Then the teacher suggested there were some farm animals that needed to be put in order. She got her to play in the farm with the animals, with some other little ones, and she took right off.

When I told her I was leaving to go home and would be back soon, She barely looked up at me and said Bye Bye Mom!

And when I did pick her up again, she said Mommy Mommy I didnt miss you at alL!!!!!

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erica922 said...

Oh my God, Teri, I feel so sad we never talked more often, so much has happen in your life, and now this beautiful moment Annika going to Preschool!!!! wow, Congratulations to her and to you too. :(