Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Christmas Eve Events

this Christmas eve was a little stressful. As usual, I had left many things to the last moment. And as usual, there was very little time LOL so a few things didnt get done. We were having a little company so there was some cleaning to do. BUt like they do, things did get done and we got ready to head out to the Annual Masters Christmas Eve Party. LOL

The girls got dressed in their new Christmas Dresses and I took the annual Photos in front of the tree. Funny how we managed to miss an annual "Family Photo" anywhere, anytime. *sigh* I need to learn to use the timer on my camera. Those little hams, couldnt even just stand there for a photo. Gonna be Fun LOL to photograph these little princesses in time to come!

So At the party there is food and pretty much the entire family comes, that's Scott's Mother's side and a few spares. My mother came along this year. She apparently divides up her christmas', one here, one in Saskatchewan, and one at home near Trent. LOL must be nice to be so popular.

the kids get to open a present at Nanny's house on Christmas eve after the food has been eaten. Usually they also get to open Christmas Jammies so they can change and wear them home, but for some reason this year they didnt get to. Some adults also open some presents if they are particularly special.

I didnt make too many scrappy gifts this year, mostly for lack of time for scrapping in the last few months. But I did manage to put together altered Canvas clocks for the grandmothers for Christmas.

The party that used to go late late into the night sure has been cut down for us. We left with the kids by 930 to get home, knowing there was still a lot of things to do.

On the way home Annika fell asleep and the other 2 debated whether or not they were seeing Santa. lol They had been following Norad all night which was great fun til they got home and discovered that Santa completely skipped the Maritimes and did the eastern States then went to Quebec. Durgghh dont we exist here? But we reassured them that he was going to be coming back, we just werent sure when.
The girls carefully put out their cookies and carrots and milk for Santa and his Reindeer.
Letters were very carefully written and put out for Santa to read. They included paper and a pen for him to write back LOL.
Putting out the socks was a huge deal this year, they were sure only 5 would fit but thought it fun when they realised Grammy's sock made a nice even set!
Taylor read us all The Night Before Christmas, then she and Holly headed to bed.
We tied up some loose ends and headed off to bed around 1 am *sigh* we never learn!

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