Monday, December 04, 2006

Fire's Burning

Our quiet Sunday night was disturbed when we took Taylor to Skating, discovering the downtown area was closed by a large fire. After we picked Taylor up we got the kids warm and walked down to look. Ya we had nothing better to do LOL and I thought it would be a good chance for the kids to see the Firefighters at work doing their job of keeping us safe.

The building burning was an old abandoned Church. It was a beautiful building, and so sad to see it burning. The firefighters were only keeping it under control, it was far far too gone when they arrived to go inside and couldnt really be saved. They worked all night to keep it from spreading to nearby buildings. There was a huge crowd present watching and almost a cheerful atmosphere. Apparently the building has been empty for about 10 years, and was waiting to be torn down to make room for Condominiums, if the owner could get past the Heritage committees trying to save the 100 year + building :(

News today suggests squatters trying to stay warm set a fire that took over and burned the building down, too bad they didnt report it when they ran away as the building may have been saved, although it sounds as tho this is a good thing for the owner who will now likely even have the complete clean up covered by insurance instead of a costly demolition. It makes me sad that no one was crying over this burning building. Another piece of the town gone, to be replaced by apartments and parking lots, but it seems to be a relief to be going away now.

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