Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Snowstorm

They said this storm was coming. Not too bad. Then it was going to miss us. Then it was rain. Well Shocking, this is Nova Scotia! It came as snow and in some places, lots and lots. Here there was just enough to make roads slippy. And in the first storm of the year Naturally people have forgotten not only how to drive but, where their brakes are. "sigh"

So after preschool yesterday the rain turned to snow. And it snowed til I went to bed. This morning it was Gorgeous. Because it came so wet, when the cold came, it turned to ice. And the ice on my trees was awesome to photograph. I took loads but I will spare you the agony.

So after school today, Aleah stayed late. Taylor had Piano lessons and I like to get the kids out of the house so she can have those in peace. Because it was Gloriously sunny and not tooooooo cold, outside we went! I dug out the sleds and away they went.

The hill behind our house is awesome for sledding. We only have to go out the back door and up into the field. It's a greenspace shared by the people in the neighborhood, and the kids love it!

Holly was brave and excited. She was up and down that hill and so funny she cracked me up on every run! She would bounce around and hop up, saying Dont' go down 2 hills backwards, you'll go over your head like I just did!!!"

Annika went alone this year her first time. She went sideways and rolled head over heels and I was sure she was going to cry, but she smiled right away and went up and down more times! I havent seen her in such a good mood in ages! It was nice that she wasnt fighting, she's been calling me her Best Buddy all day Hehehehehe

Aleah was out with us and I dont think she's been out a lot! lol she didnt like the snow much, she cried when she touched it, she cried when she fell, she cried when she was too far away from me, and when her first very gentle sled ride landed in a very gentle roll over, she cried a lot. LOL

The kids stayed out til we were all frozen and quite wet.

There was a gorgeous sunset going on when we finally went in for hot chocolate and snacks.


Jocelyn said...

Nice photos!

Gaspegirl said...

Those are great photos... love them!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Beautiful photos! Their eye color just pops!