Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Birthday Saga has Ended

Oh my goodness I never saw a birthday that went on and on like Holly's Sixth birthday. She turned 6 on November 26th.That was the weekend of the Santa parade and it's hard to get people to come so we decided to have the party that week.

Big Mistake.

Between Holly's birthday and now there are 6 birthdays. That means, everytime we planned a party (cause we can only have it certain days, planning around zillions of other things) an invitation came home with someone else's party planned for same day/weekend.

Holly originally wanted a swimming party, bowling party, something exciting. By the time we were planning it, she was begging "I just want a home party. That's all I want". Sad huh? But when? had to be when Scott was in town, had to be not the same day as someone else's...

I even tried to buy her off. If you skip the party this year, we will give you extra money! Nope. She wanted the party. I dont blame her really, it's her first year in school and the first chance she has had with this many friends to have a party...but still! It was SO hard.

Finally I decided ti would be today. I filled in the invitations, I sent them, I then remembered there were Piano lessons and skating on Tuesdays...Oh well I will cancel the piano and we can make it to skating...

Then I got sick. I am in misery. huge head, stuffed up, dizzy, itching muzzy ears. It's just gross. BUt the party must go on. We bravely shopped for it, getting food and treats. And it's almost time.

Forgot to cancel the piano lessons. OK she can have her lessons in her bedroom with door shut. It will be fine. And I suppose it was ok. Becky is SO accomadating LOL lucky us!

The party...was Chaotic. I let her invite quite a few. With my kids included there were 16 of them. We put on a movie and some of them watched it. Popcorn was flung across the room. Plant fell over. They clean up easily. All in all they seemed to have fun with movie and crafts and playing. Made Pizzas, had cake, it was a birthday all right! And Holly was very lucky to get many presents she loves a lot!

So it turned out ok. Now I am exhausted and dying to go to bed. But I have too much to do. Christmas is in 6 days!!! Next year we are having it in Mid November!


NancyJones said...

OHHH but she had so much fun i bet what a sweetie and IM SO GLAD YOU FINALLLYYYYY had that baby a party!!

erica922 said...

wow, looks like they have s much fun TEri, and those pictures are gorgeous!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND BIRTHAY, your girls are so beautifuls!!! God Bless you,