Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Christmas Concert

The School had it's Christmas Concert yesterday! It was awesome cute! lol! It was Holly's first, and Taylor's first in the Choir, and they were both super excited!!

This year was a little different, they had 2 concerts, one in the afternoon for Grandparents and other family members, and one in the evening by ticket only, for parents. It cut down on crowds but made it a little stressful as we had to come up with a ticket for Annika to join us. Luckily for us, there was a spare ticket and we all got to go! Scott's parent's saw it in the afternoon show.

Taylor was disappointed that the choir outfit is a white shirt and dark pants. She wanted to wear her party dress.

Holly did get to dress up, and looked SO SWEET in her Halo and Angel wings :)

So we head into the Gym which was dark and I got to play with settings on new camera, which I need to stop calling the new camera since it's now a year old :) It's always so dark!

First in was the Choir. Taylor was last up and on the end of the crowd! they looked very professional in their outfits and apparently have lots of upcoming events that I sorta forgot to listen to, they are singing with other schools and stuff...LOL

There were some very cute little ones singing and the older classes do really well! The choir has some sorta bell group who did a neat song:) Wonderful singing!

Holly's class came up around the middle. Good thing they wait in their classes til it's time or they would be fidgety! they sang 2 adorable songs, something about ho ho ho and Pere Noel. They were in French, quite an accomplishment for little people!

I didnt catch a lot of photos with all the kids fidgeting around LOL but caught one of her leaving with her "friend" who she talks about a lot!

Taylor's class came soon after! They did a song thatwas singing then recorders playing then more singing. It was a pretty song, Petite Pere Noel.

After the older classes went, and the oldest did a play on the Origin of Silent Night, the entire school got up and did the finale. Wow on those who organised that! Holly has been singing this song all week so I wondered where it would be!
The song was called Douglas Mountain, and I am sure it was picked on purpose as this is the 50th year Anniversary of their School, Douglas Street School. Soon it will be no more as they are bulding new and joining 4 schools together. Some of the words they changed from Douglas Mountain to Douglas Street School. It was really sweet and I thought and awesome way to end the concert.
Most of the time I could not find Taylor in that crowd LOL but I did see Holly.

Photo sort of reminds me of those old Where's Waldo books, where you search through crowds to find Waldo. Where's Holly? Any Guesses?? might be something in it for you!

For your viewing pleasure, the last song, in an unprofessional video Lol

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