Monday, December 18, 2006

Decorating Our Tree

Last Thursday Scott went to Bridgewater, and while there he visited the Tree Farm that I did all those thousands of Bows for. He bought a most awesome tree there, and wrapped it up in plastic, tucking it into my car, and brought it home. We had considered hunting a more local tree or even visiting a "U Cut It" tree farm but just needed it to come home LOL SO home it came!

After getting the trunk trimmed and putting the tree in the Stand, it stood on the doorstep outside til Friday night LOL.
The first night, we managed to get the lights on and added the beads.
The ribbon and balls were added Saturday morning. We changed colours this year from Gold and Burgundy, to Blue and Silver. We're using only a few ornaments this year, leaving many of them in the boxes. A simple tree would be nice. LOL

We added ornaments that were special to the kids and some that were special to us, and some that fit the colour scheme. lol

We always look around the tree and choose a favorite ornament every year. Holly picked a little reindeer and Taylor picked one of her Ballerina's this year. Annika also went with a ballerina!

Scott finished the tree with the star.

And we now have our tree decorated and lit most of the time!!


Vicky said...

Must be soo much more fun decorating with kids. Trent and I had some fun the first time decorating this year, but not so much the second time.

Scrappytbear said...

It is fun decorating with the kids, Im not a great fan of decorating and they are getting better. It's not so fun if you are a perfectionist or like your tree a certain way; Ive had to accept the fact I wont have a "show Room" tree and redecorating after they have gone to bed is about as close as I have come :):):)

Whaledancer said...

Its been a decorating hurricane here with these two. Not exactly fun but its slowly getting done. The tree has only been almost kncked down once so far and no major smashes but in their impatience to get at ornaments a few hand mades were damaged..grr. All in all its beginning to look a lot like that Time of Year.

NancyJones said...

OHHHHH this is sooo pretty and love the photos!