Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blog Challenge from Scrap That Moment 112/16/06!

If you had 15 minutes to spare what would you do? I know, if you're like me, you're all very busy with the holidays coming up. But set aside that 15 minutes for you, what would you do?

Oh My God! If I had 15 minutes!
So many people assume that if you dont work outside the home, you can take 15 minutes whenever you want. I so wish that was true. At least when you work out of the home, you DO get a break and you can take it for you. MOst of the time anyway. I wish I could sit for 15 minutes and do nothing. I wish I could sit for 15 minutes and have a bath. Even if I DO hate my bathtub. I just want the time. If I had 15 minutes it's not enough time to read a book but it is enough time to read Reader's Digest, or a scrap mag, or even watch the news. I dont remember what it's like to watch the news all the way without interruption. Those kids can see us staring at the TV, watching a news story that was promised at the start of the program, you know, the one you wait til almost the end for?? And that's when they come in and tell you all about their perceived issue or how someone is bugging them or touched their toys....OMG.
If I had 15 minutes I might get to respond to some emails that lie ignored in my inbox. I might organise the chaos on my desk I lump under the term "work".

OMG f I had 15 minutes I would stamp with some of the awesome new stamps I have! And I had an exceptional November so I have LOAdS of nice and new ones. If I did have 15 minutes to stamp tho, it would only be a tease. It's not enough time to actually do much. I should get one of those mags that gives ideas for scrapping 15 minutes at a time. I might accomplish something.

If only I had 15 minutes.

Ok I took 15 minutes today. Ive not been sleeping well, and today (it's Saturday)I took 15 minutes (ok it was an hour) and I had a nap. Not much of a nap, i mean Scott was at Hockey with Holly and Annika and Taylor were here and fighting, but I did cat nap and I did enjoy that. So there. If I had 15 minutes I would sleep.

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