Monday, December 18, 2006

Cleaning this Weekend and more Sweet Stuff!

In preparation for Christmas we did a HUGE clean up and finish up this weekend! Ive been painting the bathroom forever. Yes literally Forever! We redid the floor with ceramic LAST summer and since then I have had it torn apart and have been "finishing the room". This summer I did some more painting...and then stopped and didnt get restarted til last Saturday morning!

While I was at this painting, absolutely miserable and unhappy, the kids were cleaning Their rooms, absolutely miserable and unhappy.Holly and Annika are struggling with theirs, it got so messy for lack of somewhere to PUT things, they were overwhelmed and couldnt really clean it. I gave them some things they could do like pull up their beds and put their stuff animals away. Taylor worked on hers from Friday afternoon til Sat afternoon (off and on, I am not a slave driver). I discovered a TONNE of stuff crammed under her bed and totally pulled it all out and made her clean it! She has worked pretty hard on it and it's starting to look better. I need to keep on these kids better! It's not ready for photos tho lol.

So once I had painted all I could bear Saturday night I helped the little girls in their room. We tossed out 3 small garbage bags of things that were broken or no good and tonnes of drawings and wrappers. We started collecting a box of good toys they dont need anymore for the Salvation Army. A Big Box. And we got everything else put away, in nice places. Vaccuumed the floor, and Voila Clean Room! everything has a spot now, and they spent all Day Sunday running around their clean floor and taking toys out then PUTTING Them back. It was nice. Of course Aleah is here today and within about 5 minutes of being here she had covered the floor, tracked toys out to the living room, and ripped 2 books in half. Ive cleaned it all up so when Annika comes home from preschool she wont be sad. LOL they are working Very hard and Im so proud of them for being aware of cleaning it daily! (since Sat anyway, Im sure the novelty will wear off.)

So while Scott made my Squares yesterday for my second Square Exchange, I painted. And {Painted}. UGH. Scott went to Hockey, afterwhich he had a pizza party, and I finished putting the last touch of paint on the Mirror (I hate hate hate the mirror. That's not an overly harsh word. I truely hate the mirror.) So I painted the mirror. It's almost tolerable but now reminds me of Caramel Popcorn. It's all lumpy and so hard to clean, it requires a toothbrush for the million crevices.Painted! And then I took off my gloves, brushed my hair, and packed the kids and 5 packs of Oven S'mores into the car and went off to the square Exchange! Lol paint still under my nails! and likely IN my hair! but it's done! Now I do owe it a good cleaning and I have to scrub the paint off the light (Scott said he didnt get any paint on the light. Um HELLO wassat yella stuff??) and the trim needs to go back but up it's pretty much Done! The shelf is back in the bathroom (it was in Taylor's room since...last summer) and the plant is back up out of the Kitten's reach!

So the square Exchange! I was really far too tired to be there but I went. And so did 4 of the other 5 people who were exchanging a half dozen squares each. We hung out and had snacks (yummy Thanks Allison!) and exchanged our squares. We had to end it a little early because Ann had to run off to her Grand Cat's Birthday party. No word of a lie. And we started late for her too! Where is that fair? lol I ran home just in time for Taylor's Skating lessons.

And that was now Sunday night. With all the hard work from the weekend done we let the kids finish decorating the tree.


Gaspegirl said...

Wow, your weekends always sound like mine! Sounds like you got some big jobs finished, so bravo! Now it is time to enjoy the season!

Vicky said...

I think that the bathroom looks fine did a great job.

Scrappytbear said...

Thanks :):):) Its growing on me.

Whaledancer said...

Looks nice!

NancyJones said...

That bar yall are sitting at.. that is what my scraproom island is gonna look like JUST LIKE that I have a photo of it I will have to show you FUNNY HUH!