Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Sloan Family Christmas Party

Ok On Saturday night the Sloan Family had a party! And this party was hosted by the Grammy, dear Wanda. This is a yearly event, started by the Ian Sloan branch, continued by the Jessie MacNeil branch, and passed on this year to the Valley crew! Loads of preparation goes into this event lol and everything was ready!

The house was clean and tidy in the morning. then the Tree was decorated, creating rather a lot of disorder. LOL the kids helped a lot with the tree.

As the girls got ready for the party, they posed by the tree for a photo.
It was cute to see them pose like I might have wanted them to. They rarely look right at the camera anymore ;) mommy always says look away look away!!

Taylor had no interest in my photo tree pics. The photo rebellion must be starting.

So despite the snow that had been falling all day and the day before, people start arriving at the designated time, and the food comes out, the greetings are exchanged, the Alcohol comes out :):):)

This is a good time to catch up and find out what everyone has been doing all year. the kids (there are 5 girls there now) disappear to play all sorts of games. There was lots of cops and bad guys play this year. Different......
Everyone is wondering, where is Alison et. Al.??? It's past time for party, we heard they are coming, roads are bad, people are wondering. Where is Alison and her little family??

Eventually Alison and family blow in like a little whirl Wind. Gifts are pulled out, kids are playing games :)

the girls cant wait to see Ben and Cameron from Montreal!

Family gets reaquainted and save some memories. Hey Alison apparently is considering Scrapping! Now lets discuss where she should start! These sisters will all be doing it soon!

The night winds down and people head out. The party was awesome, no one missed anything, tonnes of food, drink, conversation! A success, right Grammy?

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