Monday, December 11, 2006

Address Book

Ok First this isnt my original idea, I was given one of these address books by my SU Upline, and I am not even sure it's her idea, although it might be, she's pretty crafty *wink*
The cover is cardstock that was stamped in a background stamp and could have been decorated any number of ways. The ribbon holds it closed and was attached to the front.

Inside, the homemade address pages were printed from any word-processing program, cut out, and glued to the inside pages that are cardstock strips glued together in accordian. The cover has an inside pocket created by glueing other cardstock to it, and slipping the ends of the accordian folded pages into the pockets to hold them in, and replace them if it became necessary! Ive been known to tuck recepits into the pockets too, be careful of ripping up!

More details? Email me!

1 comment:

Wolf said...

Really nice book! Love those colors.