Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wreath 1

I made a wreath. IN fact I am shocked to have finished this one already. I started another first, and this one got finished faster. Maybe because it had an expiry. I mean, you cant make the clay then leave it for a few days. So Annika and I made clay.

The Clay Consisted of Loads of cinnamon, some apple sauce, and half a cup of glue. lol It's hard to stir!
Little Annika worked long and hard on the clay. She stirred and pounded at it for ages lol.

And eventually it was nice and smooth. We kneaded it and cooled it and kneaded it. And Rolled it.
And Cut out the little Gingerbread Men. They were so cute!

They were laid out in a circle on Parchment with their little hands and feet touching.
And then we baked them at a low temperature for 4 hours! You must imagine how Nice this house smelled! Lots of cinnamon. It also made me sneeze and be very stuffy. this seems a bad time of year, loads of smells and this tree in the house seem to have me so Allergic!

After the baking, and cooling, and a night, the wreath was sprayed with glue and glittered. Then Out for varnishing. This is where our wreath took a bad turn. On the way out the door the wreath bumped the glass...and shattered into 6 pieces.

I varnished it and growled, let it dry and growled. Then after kids were sleeping I glued the little men back together and strung it with ribbon. Hung with ribbon to match the tree, It took a place on the wall this morning.


Gaspegirl said...

Oh I love it! Can I have the recipe for the dough... I would love to do this with the children! Thanks for the inspiration!

Scrappytbear said...

It did turn out awesome! LOL The recipe is so simple, just 3 cups of Cinnamon, 2 cups of apple sauce, and 1/2 cup white Glue. Yumm Not! Knead to smooth, cool 1/2 hour, knead again, roll out 1/4 to 1/8 inch thick, cookie cutter shapes, back for 2-4 hours allow for shrinkage! that's it!

Whaledancer said...

The dough is easier to combine in a ziplock bag. Fill it, zip it, and then mash the bejesus outta it. I made little ornaments one year and gilded the edges with gold paint. Also, for more smell try adding some powdered cloves or a couple drops of cinnamon oil as well.
Man, you have gone from "Moi? Craft??!" to crazed crafter!!! LOL I always say never say never.

NancyJones said...


ANts dont get after it thought do they we have ants awful in alabama for some reason....