Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day

The kids I LOVE them they slept in til 730! The second woke up at 745 and I let them wake up the third who claims she never really slept well because she shared a room with Grammy and, well, there were some logs sawn that night :):):);)

They impatiently waited til we got out of bed but for the first time I did not beat them to the living room to capture those first Starry Smiles!
The note from Santa was read over a few times, and then the great Stocking Opening began! (This required coffee:))

The kids spend quite a lot of time on their stockings and Santa gifts! He done good this year! There were some piggy banks and craft matts there, some markers and jewels. Puzzles and stuffed animals, and a totally covetted PINK hockey stick. That Santa, he is one talented fellow, finding not only a pink stick, but knowing Momma and Daddy's habit of supporting almost any Cancer Charity going, brought Holly a stick that was in tribute to Hockey Moms in support of Breast Cancer :)

The rest of us got our stockings opened eventually over coffee and the kids just about turned themselves inside out waiting for us LOL. They are so lucky I didnt make them wait through breakfast. I was SO hungry! A few chocolate orange slices took care of that LOL I got a little distracted by a new magazine but managed to get back on track :)
Scott always plays Santa. He is careful to scurry around the tree getting everyone a present so we can all open them together :)

The Presents
Ok to start, we all got wayyyy too much. I hoped for a smaller scale Christmas this year, not so much. It just seemed to keep coming! LOL and some really BIG things!

Holly cant wait to try out her hockey stick!
the girls got new sweaters from their Great Nanny and Annika LOVED hers! Well they all do but she had to put it right on!
Annika got a dress up box and right away put on some of her ourfits! She also got a V. Smile and a game to go with it!
Taylor got a pair of boots she totally Begged for. She's becoming Very fashion-conscious!
We made Grammy a knotted fleece blanket to keep her warm all winter! I dont know why, she's always Hot!

It seems to be the year of the blanket! Everyone got a blanket. Oh except me, the person who spends ALL her time wrapped in a blanket. Even Scott got a blanket. But seriously, the girls got blankets from Aunt Vicky and Uncle Trent. She set them up with a dream day (if we get snow) :) They got their blankets and each got a snowman cup with gourmet hot chocolate. They got a snowman kit as well...eyes, nose, mouth, scarf...a cute little kit for building a perfect snowman! I cant wait for snow! OMG seriously. We had the greenest, warmest Christmas like EVER!!!

Along with her Pink Hockey Stick, Holly got many things she wanted, like an Ice rink. This confused her. She asked her grandparents for an ice rink, and therefore she was POSITIVE she was getting one. Didnt help matters any that she DID get one. But while I think she expected to open the box and have a fully functional ice rink pop out full of ice, what she got was a piece of plastic. This is to make ice on. when it gets cold. IF it gets cold. Sheesh. She was completely baffled. She also got a really big scooter, games for her Leapster, clothes, Jill Shorts (A hockey thing).

Taylor got some clothes she swore she didnt need Lol. She got some skating tights (rediculous price on THOSE!) and a knitting set, a Fly Pentop Computer, a Tamagotchi, Pug Purse (sheesh), dock for her Fly Pen, Bratz clock...loads of stuff!

Scott got lots of Hockey Stuff. He needed new skates and pants and elbow pads. HOLLY jumped right up and put his pants on. It was wayyyyy funny. Scott got a car seat warmer thingy, lots of hockey clothes, lots of shaving and cleaning stuff lol socks, undies, Garth Brooks CD set, Coffee Press, loaf pan, slippers, housecoat.

And Me. After I opened everything else, Scott makes us all close our eyes and goes and gets this Picture that he had framed to hang up. VERY nice. :) a nice finish to the morning.
I also did get too much other stuff. Slippers, a flash for my big camera, 2 Stampin' Up albums, and a Stampin Up demo bag, Some scrapbook papers and bag with Deco scissors, 2 Gift Certificates from a local spa, lots of Mary Kay stuff (wonder where that comes from) :) and some clothes. Spoiled Rotten I am :)

The kids got quite a few things together! they got games, like MouseTrap and a Madagascar Trivia DVD game. I havent seen MouseTrap since I was realllllly small! They love it too! Although the whole Getting trapped and losing the game is going to take a big of work! LOL They got a dance matt that they can dance on together, which is more fun than I thought it would be, And the BIG thing this year was a larget Keyboard which they really needed if there is going to be more piano lessons going on! LOL It does a lot of things but their favorite is the way the keys light up. LOL OKKKK that does turn off. LOL They are so far just PLAYING with their Keyboard.

After the Storm the tree looked much neater.
We napped in the afternoon while the kids played. We did Christmas Dinner at Scott's parent's place, and then after Grammy went home we made puzzles and went to bed early.

MERRY CHristmas Day is over once again!


NancyJones said...

OH THAT PICTURE IS GORGEOUS I knwo you were so happy! AND LOOK you have the blanket hahahaha! Bella got a vsmile too is that the dance mat that goes with the v smile she got that one and some other games with it so cute she got wayyy too much also it was sinful!

Scrappytbear said...

oOOH she got the dance matt...we WANTED the dance matt! We might still yet GET the dance matt hhaahahah gonna watch those sales!

grover said...

i love your tree...looks like cards on it--great idea!!