Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday Jan 12th 07

Dawned wayyyyy too early! Holly had an ice time at 830 am, and we decided to all go along since it was on the Big Ice rather than where they usually are! Well...we didnt quite know what we were in for...seriously!

We dropped Scott and Holly off, and then we went to get coffee. Scott helps coach so he didnt get his coffee LOL. So we come into the rink and see all these kids on the ice with jerseys on, that I dont recognise. They arent the Tim Horton's jersey's we usually see.
And where are all the parent's? Is it too early?? Wrong Group? So we set down our blanket, and this fellow says "do you have a better half (um excuse me) already upstairs??" Im like huh? He says "Parent's Meeting is upstairs!" Ohoh. Parent's meeting??? No one told me about a Parent's Meeting. And here I am sitting with 2 kids. OK. Trudge upstairs.
This excited little fellow hands me a book and makes a great big deal of my entrance. No sneaking in early here. Then he continues. It's a meeting about hockey Etiquette. You know, how the Hockey Parents are getting out of control, too hard on their kids to the point of abuse, bad to coaches, officials, and each other. It was a metting to remind the parents how to act. And the kids?? the ones on the ice...well they are our kids. They are having a skating clinic. GOOD for them! And The guy teaching it is REALLY good! LOL The jersey's? they are new from the sponsor. Holly's is orange. I LIKE ORANGE. LOLOL Apparently it's Hockey Jamboree for Hockey Day in Canada. Ok coming together a little now.
I sat in the window of the upstairs meeting room, so I could watch Taylor and Annika, and see a little of the clinic. Took some photos too. Taylor and Annika started running up and down the bleachers so I had to leave the meeting to go get them and drag them up for the rest. They only disrupted a few dozen times.

Annika wouldnt stay still for a photo "sigh" apparently it's funny to mess up momma's photos.
Poor Taylor was carrying everything when we left the rink! She says that's ok, I'm just the servent.

We came home in time to get Holly ready for a birthday party. She decided to go to that instead of another Hockey game, and I suppose she has to still be a little kid.

While Holly was gone Taylor and Annika found almost all the stuffed animals they could, and put together an animal family. They had everything organized by "species" and had an Orphanage for anything that didnt have a family, how sad! LOL so cute! And when it was over they were not quite so enthusiastic about putting allll of those animals back again!

When Scott got home he put some wood in the basement and stacked it up. Stinky stuff LOL The kids love to help him but it wasnt too convenient for them this day.
Holly here being cute, she was helping with the wood (not so much) and waiting for something fun to happen.

In the afternoon the Camerons from down the way came over. They brought their three angels and the kids played and had some fun! Taylor loved looking after Ella :)

After supper the kids went to Nanny's house for a sleep over and we went to the Cameron's for a couple of hours to play games. Im still not feeling 100% and Sunday is a real chore for having sstayed up later than I should have LOL LoNG week ahead!!

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NancyJones said...

hahaha I know what you mean about the parents. THey had on the news about a parent beating up a coach here cuz he did a bad call or something on his son SO HE THOUGHT. The man went to jail for attacking him. HOW sad he was a church goin man who got TOO into the game or something I guess. So sad to see it but I could understand... Im probly gonna have to take therapy before Bella can play sports bwahahahaa.... Bella does that like annika jumping all over when I take photos she wont sit still for like a second after it clicks for it to LITERALLY take... munchkin kid!!! The stuffed animal thing was cute was wondering what that was about rofl! Funny how their imaginations work but even funnies how they dont like putting them back... (I understand that just isnt as fun!!) HUGS to you hope you are feelin better and anxious to hear how the dt thing is going!!