Friday, January 12, 2007

Thursday Jan 11 07

Thursday is so much nicer a day, and even better than I know tomorrow I have no Aleah and no commitments and I can run off to Halifax with Scott and Annika for the day! LOL

Still not feeling well, so Annika agreed not to go to Playgroup, and I stayed in my nice cozy basement on the couch with her for awhile. Then I took her to play with The Boys Down The Way while the mamma and I had some coffee :)
After playing with most of the toys there and having loads of loud fun, they settled in to watch Cars. Annika loves this movie! LOL
They wrangled a snack out of the mamma and ate in the living room "gasp" lolol!

after we came home, I did a little housework in preparation for Aleah coming, and then sat for a while scrapping (actually just staring at paper).

Annika played dressup and danced for a little while, then I had a shower and Aleah was here! Annika made sandwiches for them both.

The bathroom is the warmest, sunniest spot in the house, and the cats are often there. But this is the first time I have caught one of them curled up in the sink. He must hvae been there at least an hour! REmind me to clean that sink LOL.

SO after kid pick up and Aleah sent home and homework done, I was scrapbooking til I was done my layouts for the LIITD challenges. I was actually done early then I sat here and second guessed every inch.

And that's what I did most of the last few days! I can't share until Sunday but then I sure will!


grover said...

awww great kitty shots!
my cat would never fit in our sink-he is too-shall we say-big!

Whaledancer said...

I find Flash in the tub sometimes staring at the tap, waiting for someone to make it drip. Hey, Felman...I mean Smythe, doesn't have freaky eyes anymore. He is really gorgeous!
Look at old Satan...he looks he losing weight? I wish i was there to rub his belly.

Scrappytbear said...

LOL I never saw the appeal of the tub but apparently the cats do. They are in ours all the time! LOL
Smythe has AWESOME eyes! And Satan ya he's getting thin and seems feeble some days :( it's kinda sad but he looks better when he's not tearing his hair out, darned allergies :(