Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday, Jan 18th 2007

Another cold day! This was -28, but with no wind chill, it was really sunny and pretty. Supposed to warm up alot over the day, with above 0 by Friday Sheeesh cant we keep the snow???? lol

Scott was booked to go to to NFLD so again he was up early and went to the airport. This time he was actually checked in, when he got to security his flight was cancelled. This time it was mechanical issues. So he was home and off to Moncton.

After Allison took the kids to school I went right down to Scrapbook, contest deadlines are Thursday night. Annika loves it when I do that because she can craft with me! My space is getting overwhelmed by Annika-creations!
Aleah came from before noon til just after 2, and she did some pictures with Annika. They ate some snacks and watched a show :)

After School the kids went right out to coast. They better made good use of that snow while it lasts!

During supper we had a surprise for the kids; We are adopting our friend's little JRT! They are moving and cannot take her with them, so we are taking in Zoe! She's a tiny, timid, yet shockingly aggressive little thing :):):)

Dylan is in his Glory, he loves a play mate!

And he is about 2 times her size! They are different sorts, he's short legged and smooth coated, she's longer legged and has a squarer face, and wire hair. Should make interesting friends :)

I got my LIITD layouts put in just before the deadline and Voting starts FRIDAY!!!!


Whaledancer said...

What a great week you had! Our "rink' melted and we haven't started a new one yet. It is so awesome that your girlscan sled out back. I am jealous of that.

Vicky said...

cute you liking the constant action of them playing together all the time????

Scrappytbear said...

It's exhausting. But they are settling down now and it's better.