Thursday, February 01, 2007

January 28th 2007 Scott's Birthday!

Yup it's Scott's Birthday! :) I tried to let him sleep in but by the time I got the kids out of the bed, he was awake. So he got up and made his own breakfast. And ours too. He got ahead of me.

While he was running out for coffee (also wouldnt let me do that. It's hard to do something for someone's birthday when they wont let you!) the kids prepared their cards and present to surprise him when he came home. I didnt get the pants and shirt I wanted at the mall so he has a raincheck ;)

The kids one by one gave Daddy their cards and then they got their hugs.

Taylor and Annika went to Church with Nanny, while Holly went to Jenn's and did some skating. We picked her up before dinner and took her protesting to Nanny's for dinner.

After a nice Chinese Feast, the kids got the cake ready.
Holly and Annika put the candles in the cake :)

Taylor got to light the candles with some help.
after the kids blew out mommy and daddy's candles, we all shared some.

So we left the kids at Nanny's after cake, I came home and finished getting ready for a Stampin Up party I had here at the house. That went really well. :) we had a load of fun.

Scott took our birthday money and went shopping and bought me a table. For scrapbooking. Now I need some folding chairs. Took Taylor skating, she did well. After skating she still had her skates on, so I put her on Holly's ice and actually attempted to fix some of her troubles. She is doing better :)


NancyJones said...

what a beautiful family. I need to see photos of her skating on her sheet of ice outside. I ws trying to tell john about it. It isnt cold enough here to do that but it still sounds cool! happy birthdya late to yall SHow me your desk!

erica922 said...

WOW! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO SCOTT,!!! I didn't know, hope he had a lovely day with you and the girls!!!!!! :) the cake looked so yummy!!