Thursday, February 01, 2007

Monday Jan 29th 2007

Poor Holly came into the bedroom Monday morning early because she couldnt sleep. I thought she was hot. And sure enough before we got up took her temperature and it was 101.5 F. So Holly Dolly gets to stay home! Some Motrin brought it under 100. And slept all morning on the couch while Annika was at preschool, and I hated having to take her out to get Annika :( she was so pathetic in her little jammies on the couch! She was complaining of a headache a lot too.Just a cold tho!

Annika has preschool in the morning and she played with Holly all afternoon. I worked on a Stampin' up order. After school Taylor came home then afterschool activities and Katelyn came home. They played on the computer in the Nook for awhile. Scott was in the Halifax area and he brought me a magazine when he came home. He also bought a pillow and a mattress pad, I think he likes his birthday money better to sleep on Heheheh

Monday night. nothing happened. Monday was really slow! LOL. I'm not washing the older kid's hair this week. LOL There's lice at the school and OMG if we had it here I might just might DIE! lOl SO I am doing my best to prevent it by sending my kids to school with dirty, Tea tree oiled hair. They are SO not impressed with me! LOL

This is a journal my friend Shelley made for me and gave for my birthday! I LOVE it !It's my fav paper line with an awesome initial for me...and it came with Tim Horton's Gift Certs! THANKS SHELLEY I LOVE IT :):):)

A Fun photo of some markers on my desk. they are retired ones, way too pretty to put away tho!

A card we did at the SU party on Sunday! Totally my style with the distressing!
the cracked Glass technique from that same party. Neat effect, not easy to do.

My Daytimer filling up in February! I dont put the daily things on the calendar, just in the little day pages. Dont have many days left! YIKES!

Need sleep. lOL


NancyJones said...

OH POOR BABYS I hate it when they are sick.. Another trick with the lice stuff.. HAIR SPRAY. I put hair spray in bellas hair EVERY morning before she woudl go to school. Tea tree oil is good too kills all the germs as well I use it on my skin for this freaky rash.
I miss you and sorry I missed your birthday has been a rough last few weeks on this med. I miss seein you round. Hugs and love your creations the cracked glass thing rocks!

erica922 said...

wow Teri those are gorgeous cards!!! wow I wish I could live closer and get them lol lol lol