Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sleepover 101

The Day the ‘Other Mommy’ took over
"Guest Writer Allison Stuart aka The Other Mommy aka The Good Mommy"

Day started out as it always does, get one child ready then drive to town to pick 2 of the other ones up and take them all to school. There was a little more excitement than usual on the drive to school. All 3 of my girls or as I called them, kidlets (even if 2 were just for the next 24 hours) were very excited about their approaching sleepover…..on a school night no less !

They don’t realize that I was looking forward to it as well, but for different reasons… I got to leave work early for a change ! I arrived at the school to pick up my kidlets a little early as I have never actually gone to the school to pick anyone up & didn’t know what to do or where to go. As I was standing in the front foyer, I see this little blue-eyed dark haired little girl yelling ‘MOMMY !!’ Took me a minute to realize that it was actually HOLLY yelling that to me. Seconds later kidlet 2 saw me & yelled the same thing. Once the girls got all their stuff, they joined me in waiting for Taylor, who eventually did join us.

Now, what to do. OH YEA … I promised them all we would go shopping for Lil Kinz. Kinda hoping they would forget that but who was I kidding !! On the drive to the mall, they all were saying how excited they were about the rest of the day & that they actually cheered when the after school bell went. OK .. no pressure now to make sure they have an enjoyable time !!

First stop … Lynn’s for the all important Lil Kinz selection. After much debate, Taylor picked the Gorilla (Buddy), Holly got a frog (Skeeter) & Katelyn picked the Terrier (BubbleGum). They even selected a little Cat for Annike (I THINK she finally settled on Smith for a name). What to do now. I honestly thought that would take longer than the 10 minutes it did take. Hmm …. Zellers has things kids like, so off we go ! I definitely had ‘sucker’ written across my forehead this day. I left them THINK they talked me into more goodies and we left there with Gummy worms & little pillows that they could colour. Didn’t you know that ALL stuffed animals need pillows?!? Still not done with our mall shopping. It wouldn’t be right to be there and NOT visit Dollarama. Disposable toys are always good for a sort distraction. Funky bright weird looking balls are what they all decided on. OH and bubblegum of course!

Our mall is done. Things are going well! Now off to Sobeys. What kind of sleepover doesn’t have snacks !! They all got to choose a Lunchable for their lunch the next day & other school snacks as well as our own sleepover munchies. Not too bad. Think it took them longer to decide on what flavour of Jello they wanted then which Lil Kinz they got !

4:30. hmmmm … Really with everything we have done so far it should be later than this !! A little early for supper, but going to do it anyway. Off to McDonalds we go. After most of the food is gone, off the go into the playroom. Katelyn & Holly entertained themselves & Taylor found a young lad in there to play video games with. Good thing her daddy wasn’t here !!!! LOL They were having fun, but for those who know me… It is really all about ME .. & I ran out of things to read & do there, so home we go.

I really need hooks or something at my back door, there were coats & boots EVERYWHERE ! The rush was on to start their sleepover. Katelyn & Holly went right upstairs & got their jammies on. They all settled around the coffee table to start, turned on the TV, got out the gummy worms and started to colour in their pillows. Taylor had Spongebob, Holly had Dora & Katelyn had Diego. I wish I had been in the living room & not at my desk as they really got into their art by the looks of their hands & faces (& my walls, gotta love the Mr Clean eraser!) A phone call from their overprotective parents who I think were scared that I would tie them up outside & stuff straw up their noses did interrupt them. See they can talk .. I haven’t done anything to them …… YET!

Reading the notices that came home from school, the 2 younger kidlets needed photos of themselves for a project. Photo of Katelyn wouldn’t be too hard, but Holly needed one too, so what to do. Mini PHOTO SHOOT. They all perched & primped themselves for their photos. What photo would be complete without their new webkinz friends. Remember, it’s all about the webkinz !!

Off to the computers we go…remember …it is all about the Webkinz !! Taylor got hers registered then started buying. Holly came in with me & we got hers registered as well. But guess what … it is getting VERY close to bedtime & whle Holly was buying a bed for hers, Katelyn was brushing her teeth etc. then they switched & while Holly was getting ready, Katelyn was playing.

All done, everyone has beds for their webkinz, and they are all ready for bed. OK this is going TOO smooth. It is only 8:15 .. oops I mean I didn’t let them stay up late, not on a school night not me no siree !!. It was REALLY only 7:45, yea that’s it !! Up we go.

Holly & Katelyn wanted to sleep together in Katelyn’s room. Taylor was going to sleep in the guest room. I think she was a little apprehensive about the whole things & asked for a couple of Katelyns Build-A-Bears (Taylor & Holly had each packed one of theirs to bring for the sleepover) to keep her company. But what is this ??? They have clothes on. Oh No, we can’t have that ! So off come ALL the Build-A-Bear clothes & we end up with 6 naked animals. OK .. who am I to try to figure this out. Just go with it .. if it makes them happy…go with it.

Guest room wasn’t going to cut it (which I knew it wouldn’t!!) and we pulled out the extra mattress in Katelyn’s room & did up a little bed on the floor for Taylor. Hmm … still not doing too bad for time. Finally got all the girls nestled into their beds, gave hugs & kisses to all my kidlets told them that they had to get to sleep or they weren’t going to their school dance the next night & retreated back downstairs for what I thought was going to be a long night.

Hmm … things are TOO quiet. It’s been 45 minutes & I really should check on things. Up I go. Tiptoeing on the stairs. I know … wishful thinking that they would be asleep but I really didn’t want to take any chances. I peek in the room & there are 3 sets of eyes looking at me. One kidlet was a little scared & her older sister was playing mother hen. We rearranged the sleeping positions to see if that would help. I think it would have if Katelyn hadn’t gotten a nosebleed & the other 2 didn’t know what to think. Everyone is getting VEWY VEWY sleepy & testy at this point. I think a good night from Mom/Dad would help. So off I go to call. Gotta love PEI cell service, as it only took about 20 minutes to get a good enough connection for me to take the phone to the girls. They got their good nights in to their Dad, more hugs & kisses & then off I go again. Ready to accept my fate of a sleepless night.

I was actually in for a surprise when shortly after 10, I sneak up to see if things are OK & see that all of them are asleep. Sleeping positions rearranged with Taylor sleeping across the foot of the bed, but they are all sleeping. Wish I had had the courage to actually take a picture of them sleeping, but really didn’t want to risk waking any of them up. Was very cute though ! They are all asleep, I think I should too as who knows how much I will be up tonight !

Wasn’t too bad. Slept in 60 minute intervals waiting for someone to jump into bed with me. At one point I roll over & look at the clock. I KNOW that doesn’t say 6:00 AM and I am listening to the kidlets playing!! OH MY!! SIX IN THE MORNING. This has GOT to be a bad dream !! Nope. Not to be. That is actually them awake & playing.

Of all the things I was worried about, the 2nd one was here. Getting 3 girls ready for school & out the door to get them there on time. Went much better than I thought it would. Popped some popcorn for them to munch on while they all getting ready.

Lunch bags all ready to go, backpacks all packed, everyone all dressed. What … it is only 8:05. PLENTY of time. Out to the truck we go. Next stop, Tim Hortons. Bagels & juice all around. They all decided on Cinnamon Raisin, but that wasn’t to be. Of course Timmies only had TWO. Taylor volunteered on a different kind. Then Holly decided to change, but unfortunately they only had one blueberry. What do you expect, it is the Brookfield Timmies after all. Breakfast all acquired, with Timbits to boot. Off to school we go with the kidlets eating en route. Holly decides she doesn’t like hers. Good thing then that today is Thursday and there is breakfast program at the school this morning.

We pull up to the school at 8:30. Taylor looks around the schoolyard & makes the comment about how there is hardly anyone there. Not surprising as we normally are pulling up to the school in time for the girls to hear the bell. Plenty of time for them to actually get to the breakfast Program if they wanted or to just relax before school.

PHEW …. They are off … I am heading now to the office for some rest & relaxation after the past 17 and a half hours with my 2 kidlets. Things will be back to normal after school today when I go to pick Katelyn up after work.

I have a better plan of action in my head for the next sleepover we have. Bring it on !!!!

After the sleepover ……………………….
Because they all decided to not go to sleep when they were told, they were not permitted to attend their school dance.


erica922 said...

Oh My Teri all that adventure !!! for a sleep over, so cute
the girls looks sopleased with their new toys!! :) tfs

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

sounds like a crazy night.
I love that wall color. What color is it?

Teri said...

Hi Kim! Which wall?? The brownish grey one is Clay. Some sorta clay. The yellow Ive no idea :)