Monday, February 19, 2007

The Valentine Rundown: Valentine Morning

The night before Valentine's when no one is asleep, three little munchkins are filling in their little valentine's off school lists and giggling each time they close one up. LOL Ok I cheated a little this year. In past years, with Taylor being the only one to make any amount of Valentine's we have always made them. They stamp and colour and fill them in. BUT this year, Taylor, and Holly are in school. And Holly had to do like 30 of them! And Annika in preschool, also brought home a list. SO we were not liking the idea of MAKING about 75 Valentine's! Yup. I bought them. Next year, I am starting earlier. MAYBE.

Annika hasnt done Valentine's before! She had so much fun! I dont know how she is going to figure out who these names are! LOL! She loved naming her Cookie Monster Valentine's that she picked out at the store.

Because they didnt stamp their Valentine Cards, I let them stamp some bags to take their Valentines to school in. They had a lot of fun with that.

Holly's Valentine's were Scooby Doo Valentines. She loves Scooby and even has a back pack with Scooby on it.

The Valentines are all ready to go!
And SO proud is ANnika of her bag of Valentine's too!

Taylor...well she's FAR too old for me to take photos. I believe this is the beginning of the Photo Revolt!

So into bed they went! Scott wasnt home (in Toronto) so they got to talk on the phone before bed.

In the morning they got up Very excited! LOL They all dressed up in their red clothes laid out the night before. They each had some Hair Accessories to use, chosen by Annika at the store they day before.

All ready and out the door to their respective Schools!

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